Flying 'Exploding' Object Seen Above Russia Leaves Netizens Scratching Their Heads

© Photo : YouTube / Viral HogUnknown Jellyfish Looking Object Enters Atmosphere
Unknown Jellyfish Looking Object Enters Atmosphere - Sputnik International, 1920, 27.08.2021
Some of the theories regarding the object’s nature on social media include a meteorite, UFO, and satellite reentry.
A strange flying object was captured on video in the sky above Russia’s Amur Oblast by baffled locals. 
The footage was apparently recorded on 1 July and shows some sort of glowing object slowly moving across the sky.
"My friends and I saw the movement of some object in the sky, it looked like a comet, but it flew slowly and we realised that it was some kind of rocket or flying machine, a little later it exploded and a pattern in the form of jellyfish was formed, we even heard some kind of sound similar on blast," the description of the video posted on YouTube by "Viral Hog" says.
While some social media users commenting on the video appeared as perplexed by the spectacle as the people who recorded the footage, others were quick to note that the flying object was acting like a rocket exiting Earth’s atmosphere.
One netizen likened it to a specific launch of a Soyuz 2.1b carrier rocket from Vostochny Cosmodrome on 1 July that was hauling a payload of OneWeb satellites.
There were also those, however, who suggested that the flying object may have been a "satellite re-entry with lithium burning off towards the end," an ice meteorite, or even a UFO.
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