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US Drone Strike Targets Daesh Car Bomb on Way to Attack Kabul Airport, Causing 'Secondary' Blasts

© Photo : Twitter screenshotExplosion in Kabul, 29 August 2021
Explosion in Kabul, 29 August 2021 - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.08.2021
This comes days after the deadly twin explosions killed nearly 200 people, including 13 US servicemen, outside Kabul’s airport. US President Joe Biden earlier said that another terror attack could happen in Kabul in the next 36 hours.
Six people, including four minors, were killed as a result of the airstrike that hit Kabul on Sunday, Afghan news portal Ariana News reported, citing eyewitnesses.
Four others were injured, according to the media outlet.
Earlier, US officials said that the strike had targeted "multiple Daesh* suicide bombers" who were believed to be on their way to Kabul's airport as the American evacuation effort continues. The threat is believed to have been eliminated, the officials added.
The Pentagon said that a car destroyed by the strike carried a lot of explosives.
"Significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material," Bill Urban, a spokesman for the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said, adding that there were "no indications at this time" of civilian casualties.
Earlier, the 1TV broadcaster reported the rocket hit the Khwaja Bughra area of Kabul.
​Earlier, Aamaj News reported that an explosion rocked Afghanistan's capital.  
A video emerged online, showing black smoke rising from buildings in the area where the explosion reportedly happened. 
​A security source from Kabul's police force said that a rocket hit the capital's 15th district. 
According to a Sputnik correspondent on the ground, the blast occurred near the Kabul airport.
The incident comes as US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden travelled to Dover Air Force Base to pay their respects to the 13 US servicemen killed in Thursday's twin suicide bombings outside Kabul's airport. The death toll from the attacks stands at 170 people, mostly Afghan citizens who were trying to flee the country after the Taliban* seized power earlier this month. 
In retaliation to the attacks, the US has killed two Daesh-Khorasan* targets on Afghan soil. Commenting on the latest developments in Afghanistan on Saturday, President Biden promised to carry out more strikes against Daesh-K fighters in Afghanistan and said that the US had intelligence that new terror attacks were likely in Kabul within the next 36 hours.
US and NATO forces are wrapping up the evacuation of their armies and citizens as the 31 August deadline previously set by President Biden looms large. 
*Taliban and Daesh-K are terrorist organisations banned in Russia. 
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