'That's a Real Good Suit If It is a Suit': Alleged 'Bigfoot in Idaho' Video Goes Viral

CC0 / Pixabay / Sasquatch
Sasquatch - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.09.2021
Although some social media users appeared sceptical about the video's authenticity, others argued that it looks "legit".
A new video allegedly featuring the elusive folklore creature known as Bigfoot was supposedly filmed in the US state of Idaho and posted online last week by YouTube channel "Nv Tv".
"The Bigfoot in this video looks very real and you can even make out the heavy build and all the muscles which is hard to replicate using a fake suit," says the text presented in the opening part of the video.
The text also challenges the possibility that the footage in question is a hoax, as there apparently would be "no gain in that other than being ridiculed and called out for so-called efforts in trying to trick people."
A number of social media users commenting on the YouTube video did not seem convinced by these bromides and remained doubtful about its authenticity, with one of them noting: "There’s nothing here that can’t be faked".
"You mean to tell me these things are walking around Idaho – a state with citizens armed to the teeth – and not a single person has decided to shoot the first ever Bigfoot," demanded Daily Caller’s sports and entertainment editor David Hookstead in an article published by the media outlet. "Yeah, if you expect me to believe that, then my ocean-front property in Oklahoma is free of charge for you!"
However, there were those who suggested that the footage looked "legit", with one netizen remarking that "that’s a real good suit if it is a suit".
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