'Fleet of Glowing UFOs' Spotted in Night Sky Over Arizona, Blogger Claims

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UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.09.2021
The blogger argued that the flying objects, “round and about the size of a motorcycle”, must have been seen by hundreds of eyewitnesses in Tucson.
Yet another alleged UFO sighting has been brought to the attention of social media users by prolific blogger Scott C. Waring.
A short video allegedly recorded in Tucson, Arizona on 4 September and shared by Waring on his YouTube channel shows a number of glowing shapes of some kind moving in the night sky, with the blogger branding this sight as "a fleet of glowing UFOs passing overhead".
"The objects seem to be moving together, matching speed and yet, flashing to each other," Waring wrote in his blog. "The flashes may be communication with one another."
He further described the objects as "round and about the size of a motorcycle" and argued that "hundreds of eyewitnesses in Tucson" must have seen them.
According to an eyewitness’ statement cited by the blogger, "the orange lights appeared out of nowhere", with some of them “floating along in a pattern while others zoomed in to join the others".
"Arizona is not far (sic) from where the famous Phoenix Lights Incident occurred back in March of 1997. These may be the same craft," Waring muse. "There are a lot of similarities, for instance the shape of the lights, the speed, the number of craft. It looks like Arizona is a UFO hotbed of activity."
However, some of the social media users who commented on the video posted by Waring offered other, more down-to-earth explanations for this phenomenon, such as drones and Elon Musk’s satellites.
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