China Shares Video Allegedly Showing Taliban Fighters Using US Planes as Swings

© Photo : Twitter / @zlj517Screenshot from a video allegedly showing the Taliban fighters making a swing on a US military plane
Screenshot from a video allegedly showing the Taliban fighters making a swing on a US military plane - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.09.2021
After the completion of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, a lot of military equipment was left in the Central Asian country, with US Central Command estimating that at least 170 pieces of equipment were abandoned in Kabul.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lijian Zhao on Thursday shared a video that purportedly shows Taliban* fighters having fun with US military planes after turning them into... swings.
"The graveyard of EMPIRES and their WAR MACHINES. Talibans have turned their planes into swings and toys.....", Zhao tweeted.
He attached a video showing several Taliban militants enjoying themselves, laughing and shouting, having turned the wing of a military plane into a DIY-swing. It is unclear when and where exactly the clip was filmed.
According to US Central Command (CENTCOM), at least 170 pieces of military equipment were left in Kabul after the abrupt withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan.
CENTCOM head General Kenneth McKenzie said that Americans destroyed 70 MRAPs and 23 Humvees - military vehicles - and 73 aircraft on their way out of the country.
"Those aircraft will never fly again," McKenzie said. "They'll never be able to be operated by anyone. Most of them were non-mission capable, to begin with, but certainly they'll never be able to be flown again."
Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the US military has not yet estimated the exact inventory of the equipment that is currently in the possession of the Taliban.
*The Taliban is a terrorist organisation outlawed in Russia and many other countries
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