Area 51 and Boxing: How Ex-President Trump Spent the Evening on 9/11

Area 51 sign, Roswell, NM - Sputnik International, 1920, 12.09.2021
Former President Donald Trump visited New York City on Saturday to meet with first responders to the terrorist attacks that descended on the United States 20 years ago. Several hours later, he joined his son Don Jr. in Florida for an eventful boxing night. But what did this all have to do with aliens?
Donald Trump Jr. picked up an unusual UFO line to lure his Twitter followers into watching the Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort bout which he and his dad came down to comment on Saturday.
The Trumps’ decision to spend the anniversary of 9/11 at a pay-per-view boxing match has seen a lot of bashing for sure. But the ex-president’s son didn’t seem to mind though.
In a brief video promoting the bout, Don Jr. said that the evening was going to offer “much-needed levity after a sombre day”.
He also promised to press his dad about a bunch of “awesome” issues while they were in the commentary booth – including the one on aliens.
“Maybe we get a solid answer on what exactly is going on at Area 51 and everywhere else. You’re going to want to listen, you’re going to want to tune in,” Don Jr. said in a reference to a mysterious air base in Nevada which has long been rumoured to host alien spacecraft.
But the Holyfield-Belfort ended quickly with the latter’s brutal knockout just in the first round. It doesn’t look like the son of the ex-commander-in-chief actually had time for all the pending UFO queries.
Another bout between David Haye and Joe Fournier overseen by Trump also didn’t last long: the former British boxer made a stunning comeback on Saturday, as he won over his pal with a ‘soft knockdown’.
Trump didn’t look too impressed. He summed up the fight with a brief comment: “Right now, the audience likes politics better.”
Back in May, Trump was asked about his real thoughts on extraterrestrials in a wake of the release of a Pentagon report about numerous instances of unidentified aerial phenomena spotted by the US military.
“I’m not such a believer, but some people are, so I don’t want to hurt their dreams or their fears. It could be fears more than dreams,” Trump told Dan Bongino’s show.
Just a year earlier he admitted to Don Trump Jr. during a Father’s Day-themed interview that he knew “very interesting” things about Roswell, a New Mexico city which according to legend was the site of a flying saucer crash in 1947, but still wasn’t prepared to talk about this, even with his kid.
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