Scientists Create Uchuu, Largest And Most Realistic Simulation Of Universe Ever Made

© Photo : YouTube/CfCA Uchuu
Uchuu - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.09.2021
Uchuu is an exact copy of the real universe and it contains everything including the mysterious haloes of dark matter that control the formation of galaxies. Astronomers will use this model to study the largest structures in the universe and interpret the galaxy surveys.
Ever fancied getting a glimpse of the whole universe? Well, now you can. Scientists have created a virtual simulation of the universe and it is accessible to everyone. Named Uchuu which means 'Outer space' in Japanese, the virtual universe contains more than 2.1 trillion particles housed in a virtual cube and each side of this computational cube is 9.63 billion light-years long.
According to the researchers, it is the most realistic and largest universe simulation ever released. It was created by a team of experts from Japan, Spain, the USA, Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, and Italy and the team unveiled it in a study in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
The team created the virtual universe by using more than 40,000 computer cores and 20 million computer hours, and it produced more than 3 Petabytes of data.
This software made through extremely powerful supercomputers can be used by anyone who wants to explore the cosmos. The simulated version mimics not just space but also time as it contains the evolution of the universe throughout the nearly 13.8 billion years of history from the Big Bang until today. Uchuu can be accessed by anyone on
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