The US Space Force’s Oldest Adversary, Social Media, Roasts Their New Uniforms

© Photo : Twitter / @travisakersAn unofficial concept art of uniform design for the United States Space Force
An unofficial concept art of uniform design for the United States Space Force - Sputnik International, 1920, 21.09.2021
The US Space Force has unveiled new uniform prototypes, and science fiction enthusiasts have already started the comparisons.
The dress uniform prototype is navy-blue, has six silver buttons with the Space Force symbol arranged diagonally down from the right shoulder, and has a light blue collar underneath the uniform. The officers, known as Guardians, will have their name pin on the left side of the uniform's front. The uniform prototype has stirred quite the reaction on social media.
Some have pointed out the striking resemblance between the Space Force and “Battlestar Galactica” uniforms.
Others have noticed the striking resemblance to the mirror Universe uniform design from “Star Trek: Enterprise”:
Or “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”:
What about the evil Empire in “Star Wars''?
As of right now, the Space Force’s first and only tradition is the internet coming together to laugh at its expense. From the moment the new branch of the military was announced, the striking similarities it shares with popular science fiction has been front and center. First, it was the almost direct plagiarism of Starfleet Command from “Star Trek” for the branches’ logo. Then, naming officers Guardians made everyone think a little too much about Marvel Comics’ Guardians of the Galaxy.
However, the Space Force did unveil a more terrestrial uniform, with their physical training uniforms.
The tweet says the uniforms, a shirt, gym shorts, and jacket with the Space Force logo, are “currently undergoing testing.” Hopefully, these groundbreaking gym clothes will be able to handle the cascade of sweat produced by a true Space Force Guardian.
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