‘Caring’ Professor Advises His Female Students to Learn How to Cook to Avoid Getting Beaten by Men

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Lecture hall - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.10.2021
The advice came during a class devoted to the case of a woman who was stabbed by her husband because she reportedly burned the dinner she had prepared. The professor wondered why women “are getting married if they don't know how to cook.”
Dr. Gerardo de León from Mexico's Autonomous University of Aguascalientes (UAA) was suspended from teaching earlier this week after he suggested that women should learn how to cook so as to avoid getting beaten or assaulted by men.

“I don't know. If they don't know how to cook, why are they getting married?” he said. “One arrives hungry and it's upsetting there is no dinner because she burned it. That is the recommendation of the day, learn to cook before getting married.”

The students, who attended the class remotely due to the pandemic, were outraged by the statement, saying that the main problem with the woman being killed is definitely not the fact the food was burnt.
“Doctor, wouldn't it be better if we learned not to lose our sanity so as not to stab our wives'?" one of the women said.
“Let's see, I don't understand," the professor responded. When the student repeated question, he said “that is your recommendation, mine is that they learn to cook.”
The university’s authorities said that de León would be suspended immediately while they investigate the incident.
“The Autonomous University of Aguascalientes repudiates all sexist manifestations, as well as any act of harassment, discrimination or violence ... (there) will not be any tolerance for any form of violence,” the statement from UAA says.
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