Trump's Top Bizarre Encounters With World Leaders (As Told by Former White House Press Sec Grisham)

© AFP 2023 / ludovic MarinДжастин Трюдо, Мулай Хасан, Мохаммед VI, Мелания Трамп, Дональд Трамп, Ангела Меркель, Эммануэль Макрон и его жена Брижит, Владимир Путин и Питер Косгроув на церемонии в Париже
Джастин Трюдо, Мулай Хасан, Мохаммед VI, Мелания Трамп, Дональд Трамп, Ангела Меркель, Эммануэль Макрон и его жена Брижит, Владимир Путин и Питер Косгроув на церемонии в Париже - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.10.2021
Former US President Donald Trump has found himself, once again, taking the starring role in a book written by someone from his inner circle - former White House press secretary and Melania Trump's ex-chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham. And the contents of her book 'I'll Take Your Questions Now' have outraged the former POTUS.
"How strong are the kangaroos?" "Have the members of the Turkish presidential delegation seen 'Midnight Express'?" These and many other bizarre questions were asked by former US President Donald Trump during his meetings with other world leaders, according to some excerpts from Stephanie Grisham's forthcoming book 'I'll Take Your Questions Now', according to the Guardian.
Furthermore, Trump used to refer to French President Emmanuel Macron as a "wuss", and openly admitted to not enjoying the company of other European leaders - except of UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

“Conversations between those two, both pudgy white guys with crazy hair, redefined the word random," Grisham writes in her book. "Johnson once told us over breakfast that Australia was ‘the most deadly country – spiders, snakes, crocodiles and kangaroos’. Then they discussed how powerful kangaroos were at considerable length."

The two, according to the book, had also discussed “some political figure who’d just had surgery, which they thought had involved the removal of a gallbladder."
“‘Can you put a new gallbladder in?’ Johnson asked, chomping away on scrambled eggs and sausage. ‘I don’t know what a gallbladder does.’
“‘It has something to do with alcohol,’ Trump replied.”
Describing Trump's sudden curiosity about the films watched by members of the delegation from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Grisham writes that the former US leader asked them about 'Midnight Express' "out of the blue".
"That’s a dark movie for you guys,” Trump allegedly said, talking about the 1978 movie which subsequently caused screenwriter, Oliver Stone, to apologise for his depiction of Turks.

"There was little reaction from the delegation,” Grisham writes, “maybe a few polite chuckles, before the conversation moved on, as if the president of the United States hadn’t just blurted that out.”

During his encounter with another world leader, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Trump said that “India reminded him of California with all the homelessness”.
Grisham's book has yet to hit the bookstores, but it has already made waves in the media - shortly after Trump's presidency, the former White House press secretary announced that she had been secretly working on a tell-all book since her resignation on 6 January 2021.
Trump - who has probably become inured to appearing in so many explosive volumes - has lambasted the upcoming book and its author, saying that Grisham "didn’t have what it takes and that was obvious from the beginning".
"Now, like everyone else, she gets paid by a radical left-leaning publisher to say bad and untrue things," Trump concluded in his Tuesday statement.
'I'll Take Your Questions Now' will appear in bookstores on 5 October.
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