VIDEO: Bizarre Aircraft Spotted Near Secretive Lockheed Martin Facility Sparks UFO Frenzy Online

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UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 02.10.2021
A video of the bizarre aircraft was posted online last week, but went viral recently. The footage was reportedly recorded at Lockheed Martin’s secretive Helendale radar-cross section facility in California. A high-ranking official at the company declined to comment on the issue.
Social media users went into a frenzy after a video showing a weirdly-shaped object resembling a flying saucer went viral. The footage was posted by a netizen called Ruben Hofs, who claims that he took it from TikTok. The video shows a black object being transported on the back of a flatbed trailer.
Warning! The following video contains strong language.
Hofs also posted a picture showing the area where the enigmatic object was transported from.
His posts triggered a torrent of comments, with users divided on what is depicted in the video.
Many netizens deemed that the object is the latest prototype of a stealth fighter.

Others considered it a UFO.

Many users were concerned that individuals can easily record videos at Lockheed Martin’s secretive facility.

Others claimed that the object wasn’t intended to fly, or that it was a fake one.
Still others contended that the object was of little importance if it was being transported in broad daylight.
As mentioned earlier, the footage was reportedly recorded at the Helendale radar-cross section facility, which is run by Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs, commonly known as Skunk Works. Introduced during the Second World War, the programme has been responsible for the creation of several top US military and spy and fighter aircraft, including U-2, F-22, and F-35.

Head of Skunk Works Jeff Babione has been grilled on the issue by journalists, but he declined to comment.

"Can you tell us anything about [the object]?", said reporter Marcus Weisgerber while addressing Babione during a military event hosted by Defence One news outlet.

"I can't", Babione replied. Weisgerber then asked whether the video compromised security at the facility. "We’re good”, Babione replied.

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