UFOs Flying in 'Military Formation' Over Texas Are Proof of Alien Base Below US Desert, Blogger Says

UFO - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.10.2021
Several social media users don't believe in the “UFO explanation” and suggested that the flying lights could have been drones.
Yet another sighting that may or may not be UFO-related has been reported in American skies over Texas.
A video shared on YouTube by blogger Scott C. Waring shows what looks like a group of lights moving in formation across the night sky, with the video’s description stating that this scene took place over Austin in 6 October.
The veracity of the video in question could not be immediately confirmed.
"The UFOs fly in military formation and were seen 30 miles away by other eyewitnesses,” Waring declared in his blog. “This is 100 percent proof that an alien base is somewhere below the American desert."
He also mused that UFOs “have been sighted most frequently over areas of Nevada, Arizona and Needles, California, as well as Texas”, and that all these areas “have similar dry desert appearances.”
This is far from the first claim made by Waring about a supposed “alien base” located in this or that part of the world.
A number of social media users commenting on the YouTube video have questioned the “extraterrestrial angle,” suggesting instead that these flying lights could have been drones, despite the eyewitness’s commentary in the video’s description stating otherwise.
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