Meteorite Crashes Through Roof and Lands in Woman's Bed - Photo

© Photo : PixabayMeteorite
Meteorite - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.10.2021
Experts say that if the woman decides to sell the meteorite, she could command quite a generous sum for it.
An elderly woman in Canada's British Columbia recently had a rude awakening when a large meteorite crashed through her roof and landed in her bed, missing her head by inches.

"I didn't feel it ... It never touched me. I had debris on my face from the drywall, but not a single scratch ... My granddaughters can say that their grandmother almost got killed in her bed by a meteorite," Ruth Hamilton told reporters.

The woman added that she had never been so scared in her life. She called 911 and when a police officer arrived, he first thought that the rock was from a construction site nearby.
"He called the [construction site] and they said they hadn't done a blast but that they had seen an explosion in the sky and, right then and there, we realised it was a meteorite," Hamilton said, as quoted by the Canadian Press.
Photos of the space rock were shared online.
The chances of a meteorite crashing through a roof and hitting a bed are about one in 100 billion a year, Professor Peter Brown, the Canada Research Chair in planetary small bodies at Western University, said in an interview with the National Public Radio.
After the incident, Hamilton handed the meteorite over to scientists to study. Experts say that the space rock could be sold for a hefty price. However, the woman told the media that she would like to keep it as a talisman.
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