'Squid Games – Russian Edition': Watch People Murdered Before 'Killer' Matryoshka

© Sputnik / Dmitry Korobeinikov / Go to the mediabankRussian matryoshkas from the meseum "Matryoshka" at the Folk Craftsmanship Fund of the Russian Federation. (File)
Russian matryoshkas from the meseum Matryoshka at the Folk Craftsmanship Fund of the Russian Federation. (File) - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.10.2021
The graphic designer’s creation has even earned praise from a cast member of the original “Squid Game."
Feoktist Alekseev, a graphic designer from Russia’s Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) region, has produced a “Russian version” of an infamous scene from the South Korean hit TV series “Squid Game."
The series revolves around a group of heavily indebted people trying to survive sadistic games with deadly penalties in the hope of winning a sizeable cash prize.
One such game, featured in the scene that caught Alekseev’s attention, features a variation of the kids' game known as “Red Light, Green Light” or “Statues,” where players must reach the end of a field where a person designated as “It” stands.
While “It” turns their back on the players and announces “Green Light,” they may move freely; However, once “It” calls out “Red Light” and turns towards the players, anyone seen moving gets sent to the starting line or eliminated – or in case of the “Squid Game,” brutally murdered with one of several sniper rifles.
In his work, Alekseev added some Russian flair to the scene, as the murderous giant doll featured in the original – which played the role of “It” – has been replaced with a traditional Matryoshka doll that says the Russian version of the proverb “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” instead of “Red Light.”
The graphic artist also noted in his twitter that South Korean actor Heo Sung-tae, member of the “Squid Game” cast, reposted his video on Instagram Stories, labelling it as the “best” in Russian.
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