Expecto Patronum! Reddit Users Identify Strayed Dementor in 'UFO' Spotted Over London

© Photo : Reddit / u/ErykahBeehA screenshot from the video showing a UFO spotted over South London on October 12, 2021.
A screenshot from the video showing a UFO spotted over South London on October 12, 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 19.10.2021
The post was upvoted hundreds of times and went into trending, and many people gave their comments on the eerie apparition, most of which followed a common theme, which will definitely evoke some familiar spells in many.
A London woman was indeed intrigued when she captured footage of a strange creature-shaped UFO floating through the skies above the UK capital, and viewers believe it resembles a Dementor from the Harry Potter universe.
The strange object appears to have four limbs and is floating around in a strange manner, similar to the deadly monsters from JK Rowling's fantasy book and film series.

"What in the South London UFO is this?" asked the Reddit user, u/ErykahBeeh, who uploaded the clip and started the thread.

In the video, the UFO looks dark against the pale sky and seems to flail around in the air.
One user wittily noticed that the UFO was "a Dementor playing the sax solo from 'Baker Street.'" While another one recognized it as "Danny the Dementor."
Some were not nearly as creative, suggesting the object probably wasn't a dementor, but that it might be a "bin liner."
"First thing I thought was a blow-up doll, blown up with helium haha," said one user.
"Omg I think this is my nephew's Spiderman balloon with the broken leg he let go off at his birthday party this afternoon!" a woman offered a much more mundane explanation.
Dementors were depicted as floating corpse-like demons wearing dark rags who fed on people's happiness and made them unhappy in the Harry Potter series.
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