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Officer, That’s Not Meowine! Russian Police Detain Cat Attempting to Smuggle Drugs Into Prison

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a kitten - Sputnik International, 1920, 20.10.2021
With their creativity and out-of-the-box, thinking they could have invented a new means of transport or made a fortune in advertising and screenwriting; however, drug dealers are instead figuring out new ways of smuggling illegal substances.
Oh, look at this adorable cat, its eyes are so сute, we must take this munchkin home...Stop! You’re probably making a terrible mistake, because that "munchkin" might be a member of a drug cartel and those cute little eyes are nothing but a cunning ruse intended to sell you weed.
Police in Russia’s Ivanovo Oblast knew how manipulative these furry cutie pies can be and thanks to their vigilance, they prevented drugs from being smuggled into a local prison. Law enforcement officers detained a cat that was carrying over five grams of marijuana in its collar.
Felines are often used as drug mules. The case in Ivanovo Oblast mirrors several others that have been reported in various parts of Russia and around the world. In 2018, police uncovered a drug trafficking scheme in a prison in the Tula region, with an inmate using an animal born in the facility to deliver drugs to prison and the outside. The cat was meant to be used as evidence, but it escaped from a local animal centre (we told you, they are wicked).

As much original as it may seem, using cats is not the most crazy idea drug dealers have come up with over the years, and the more obstacles they face, the more creative they get. When the authorities build fences, criminals resort to drones, catapults, and even submarines.
Law enforcement continues finding drugs in the most unusual things, such as salsa sauce, puzzles for children, frozen fish and (oh, gosh!) donuts. In 2016, a woman was arrested in Germany after she was found to be carrying one kilogram of cocaine in her breast implants.
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