VIDEO: Former Marine Reveals How he Disarms Would-Be Robber with a Bag of ‘Gatorades and a Snack’

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A Marine veteran reveals how he stopped an attempted robbery with a bag of “Gatorades and a snack” at an Arizona convenience store - the dramatic encounter was caught on video.
US Marine Corps veteran Jason Kelcer was shopping for snacks when three armed muggers stormed the convenience store, while one man was armed with a handgun, according to a Fox News report.
Surveillance footage shows the moment when the armed individual walked toward a customer and pointed the gun toward the cashier. You can see Kelcer thwart the would-be robbers with nothing but a bag containing two bottles of the energy drink Gatorade and a “snack.”
"I turn around to go and leave, kind of walk out, and as I'm turning around, I hear the door kind of open real aggressively," Kelcer reportedly told American Newsroom on Wednesday. "At that point, the ‘spidey senses’ tingled a little bit."
"I saw two other guys with no other weapons and decided that's the guy that I'm going to hit," Kelcer says.
While the gas station clerk was "a little worked up" about the incident; according to Kelcer, he jumped over the counter to chase the suspects.
The former marine said he takes his personal safety and the safety of others "very seriously."
In this act of heroism, Kelcer took gratitude in his military training, in addition to being "mentally prepared" when the attempted robbery occurred.
The armed suspect was arrested and the other two unidentified individuals fled the scene.
No injuries were reported.
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