UK Royal Marines Reportedly Obliterate Almost Entire Unit of US Forces During Drills

CC0 / PO(Phot) Sean Clee / Royal Marine in the Mojave Desert (File)Royal Marine in the Mojave Desert (File)
Royal Marine in the Mojave Desert (File) - Sputnik International, 1920, 03.11.2021
In July 2020, the UK Navy announced the formation of a new elite unit of the Royal Marines that will use "game-changing technology and weaponry" to operate in hot spots across the globe.
The UK Royal Marines have reportedly defeated US troops just days into joint war games after obliterating almost the entire unit of American combatants.
The British commandos used a new battle structure during "Exercise Green Dagger" in the Mojave Desert in southern California, which helped them "dominate" US forces, according to The Telegraph.
The newspaper reported that American troops had asked for a "reset" half way into the exercises after they suffered heavy simulated losses in the fight against the Royal Marines' elite Littoral Response Group (LRG).
The commandos' "kill board" intelligence assessment on the level of damage inflicted upon enemy forces reportedly had a tick against almost every US asset, showing it had been rendered inoperable or destroyed.
During the war games, the Royal Marines managed to capture more than 65% of the training area after they kicked off the drills with less than 20%.

Commander of the British forces, Lieutenant Colonel Andy Dow, underscored that "throughout this deployment our focus has been on integrating game-changing capabilities from across the commando force to deliver disproportionate effect in the face of a free-thinking peer adversary".

The drills come after the UK Navy last year unveiled the new Royal Marines unit, due to operate in smaller, hi-tech groups to "give the UK a more agile and lethal capability, ready for missions anywhere in the world at a moment's notice".
Commandant General Royal Marines, Major General Matt Holmes, touted the unit as "a capable forward contingency force at the core of the Royal Navy's Littoral Response Groups".
The new strike force's formation followed the unveiling of sophisticated uniforms for the Royal Marines, as part of the Future Commando Force modernisation programme. The US-made high-tech kit is 17-percent lighter, 60-percent faster-drying, and at least four times more breathable as compared to their previous uniforms.
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