Man Eaten by Piranhas After Drowning in Lake to Escape From Bees

Wild bees, Apidae, Brazil, Pantanal
Wild bees, Apidae, Brazil, Pantanal - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.11.2021
A man has reportedly died after jumping into a lake in Brazil to escape a swarm of bees that attacked him and his friends — only to drown and be eaten by piranhas.
The 30-year-old was fishing on Sunday with two of his friends at a farm lake in the municipality of Brasilândia de Minas in southern Brazil, when they were suddenly attacked by bees.
The frantic trio reportedly jumped into the lake to escape the bees, but discovered shortly afterward that the lake was filled with piranhas — razor-toothed carnivorous fish, LADbible reported.
While the man's friends were able to swim back to safety, the 30-year-old man drowned and was quickly disfigured by piranhas as they feasted on his body, according to the local fire department.
It's not yet known if the attack came before or after the man's death.
Local authorities reported the man’s body was recovered four meters away from the shoreline after the fire department was called in for help.
Piranhas are ferocious freshwater fish that are usually found in rivers and lakes native to South America, but have also been introduced to other places, including northern Brazil, Hawaii, and parts of Central and North America, according to Animal Corner.
They are known for their sharp teeth on both jaws and their aggressive appetite for meat. Fatal attacks on people are uncommon, as piranhas occasionally bite and hunt for fish.
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