Where Does Necrophiliac Killer David Fuller Fit Into Rogues’ Gallery of UK’s Worst Sex Offenders?

© Photo : Kent PoliceDavid Fuller
David Fuller - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.11.2021
A man on trial for the murder of two young women in Tunbridge Wells, a historic town just south east of London, in 1987 has changed his plea to guilty during his trial. David Fuller, who was finally identified by DNA this year, had also had sex with dozens of women’s corpses.
Home Secretary Priti Patel has described David Fuller’s case as “shocking” and said: “The sickening nature of the crimes committed will understandably cause public revulsion and concern.”
David Fuller, 67, finally admitted on Thursday, 4 November, to murdering Wendy Knell, 25, and Caroline Pierce, 20, almost 35 years ago but the public revulsion emanates from the fact that he has pleaded guilty to 51 further charges, including the sexual assault of dozens of female corpses at two mortuaries in Kent and East Sussex.
Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC told Maidstone Crown Court earlier this week Fuller, who worked as an electrician at two hospitals, had "depraved sexual predilections."
When Fuller raided his home earlier this year after DNA had identified him as the killer of Wendy Knell they found computer discs taped to the back of a filing cabinet in a closet and were horrified when they found the discs contained dozens of videos of Fuller sexually penetrating the corpses of women and even babies in hospital mortuaries.
Mr Atkinson said: "The defendant’s clear sexual interest in such a bizarre and grossly repellant activity shows a unique link between the deaths of Caroline and Wendy.”
Fuller will almost certainly be given a whole life sentence when he is sentenced next month.
But where does he fit in the grim list of Britain’s worst sex offenders?

John Worboys

London taxi driver John Worboys, 63, is serving life in prison for raping four women who were passengers in his black cab.
© AP Photo / Metropolitan PoliceThis undated file photo made available on Friday Jan. 5, 2018 by the Metropolitan Police, shows John Worboys
This undated file photo made available on Friday Jan. 5, 2018 by the Metropolitan Police, shows John Worboys - Sputnik International, 1920, 05.11.2021
This undated file photo made available on Friday Jan. 5, 2018 by the Metropolitan Police, shows John Worboys
Worboys was jailed in 2009 for assaulting 12 women but he was convicted of further offences after more women came forward.
His modus operandi was to pick up women late at night on the streets of London, tell them he was celebrating a lottery win and offer them a glass of champagne.
But he put sedatives in the drink and when the women woke up they often had no idea they had been raped.
Worboys admitted he had been "fantasising" about raping women since 1986 and admitted he was motivated by a burning "hostility towards women".
In February this year Worboys, who now goes by the name John Radford, lost an application to appeal against his two life sentences.

Reynhard Sinaga

Indonesian student Reynhard Sinaga is believed to be Britain's "most prolific rapist" and all his victims were young men.
Sinaga, who is now 38, was studying for a PhD at the time of his offences and his thesis was on “Sexuality and everyday transnationalism among South Asian gay and bisexual men in Manchester.”
Sinaga, who liked to go by the nickname Posh Spice, preyed on young men in Manchester’s so-called Gay Village district during nights out between 2015 and 2017.
He rented a flat close to The Factory nightclub and would target heterosexual teenagers and men in their early 20s, many of whom were too drunk to recall what happened to them.
Sinaga used various pretexts to lure them back to his apartment and then raped them.
In January 2020 he was jailed for life for drugging, raping and sexually assaulting 48 men but detectives believe he may have claimed up to 190 victims.

Leslie Bailey’s Paedophile Gang

In the 1980s a terrifying gang of paedophiles preyed on young boys in the east end of London.
In November 1984 the gang lured 14-year-old Jason Swift back to a flat in Hackney and gang-raped him and then killed him, dumping his body in a shallow grave.
Sidney Cooke, Leslie “Catweasel” Bailey, Robert Oliver and Steven Barrell were jailed in 1989 for manslaughter.
In 1993 Bailey was murdered at Whitemoor prison by two fellow inmates who were disgusted by his crimes.
Five years later Cooke was released from prison amid public outrage but he was soon arrested again and in 1999 he was given two life sentences for sexually abusing two boys in the 1970s.
In 2000 another paedophile associate of the gang, Bill Malcolm, was shot dead on the doorstep of his home in east London, reportedly executed by gangsters.
Bailey had reportedly told detectives Cooke was responsible for the murder of seven-year-old Mark Tildesley in 1984. Mark was lured away from a funfair by Cooke with a bag of confectionery and was then raped and murdered. His body has never been found.
Cooke, Oliver, Barrell and a former scoutmaster, Brian 'Chickenmaster' Turner, were convicted of abusing dozens of boys.
In 1999, Cooke was given two life sentences after admitting a systematic campaign of abuse against two young brothers in the 1970s, following a TV appeal after his early release.
In 2000 another paedophile associate of the gang, Bill Malcolm, was shot dead on the doorstep of his home in east London, reportedly executed by gangsters.
Last week Cooke, now 94, was denied parole for the 10th time.

Mark Dixie

In 2008 chef Mark Dixie was jailed for life with a minimum term for stabbing 18-year-old Sally Anne Bowman and then raping her as she lay dead or dying in a south London street.
At his trial Dixie came up with a disgusting lie - he claimed he had been high on drugs, had gone for a stroll in the middle of the night and happened across Sally Anne's prone form and decided to have sex with her body. He claimed she must have been murdered by someone else.
But Dixie, who is now 51, was a sexual predator and after his conviction it emerged he had attacked women not just in England but also in Australia and Spain, where he had worked for a time.
His first attack, when he was 16, involved raping a woman in an isolated car park, tying her up in her car and then setting it on fire.
The victim, who escaped, said he had “seemed delighted in her evident fear."
Senior investigating officer Chris Le Pere said Dixie was a "monster."
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