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Too Sexy to be at Large? List of Raunchy Photoshoots in Russia That Backfired Immensely

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In an era where any individual with a smartphone can become a popular Internet personality, it has become increasingly difficult for bloggers to captivate the attention of audiences. Thus, they are forced to come up with crazy ways to remain popular. Quite often these ideas lead to nothing, but sometimes also to problems.
Police in the Russian city of Kaluga have launched a probe after an OnlyFans model published a photo showing her derriere in front of a church. According to local media, Natalia Maslennikova published the image in July, but the law enforcement was discovered it just recently.
“During the monitoring of social media police officers stumbled upon the image of a young woman lifting her skirt near the church. A probe has been launched", local police said.

Sergei Komarov, the head of the church’s department for publishing and information activities in Kaluga, called the photo a provocation and said the young woman should be "treated".

His statement was echoed by that of Kaluga Mayor Dmitry Denisov, who condemned the actions of the blogger.

"I am sure there is definitely something wrong in their minds and souls. I wish these girls would become caring mothers and loving wives. I’m sure they don’t have enough of that in their lives", the mayor said

The model is likely to be charged with insulting the religious feelings of believers or public misdemeanour. Maslennikova will join the list of bloggers, who were punished after posting raunchy photos of themselves on social media.
Ksenia Damova

Earlier this month, Russian porn actress-turned blogger Ksenia Damova was arrested for "disorderly conduct" after she posted a photo of herself displaying her behind in front of the Kremlin.
The young woman apparently decided to bare herself because she was moved by the beauty of the fortified complex and Russia’s iconic Red Square.

“I was always a patriot of Russia. I love my country. This is the first time that I’ve seen the Kremlin. I couldn’t help but take a picture of this beauty. I didn’t want to offend anyone”, the young woman wrote on social media.

Prosecutors apparently didn’t believe her and sentenced Ksenia to 14 days in jail.
Lolita Bogadnova

Another OnlyFans model faces up to one year in jail after a video of her flashing breasts in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square was recently posted online. The young woman has insisted that she recorded the video three years ago and that someone then posted it.
Bogdanova has been charged with insulting the religious sentiments of believers. Russian MP Vitaly Milonov called the "criminal" a "silly girl" and voiced doubt that she wanted to insult anyone, but stressed that such acts should be condemned at the state level.
Irina Volkova

The only person on the list who was spared prosecution. Volkova was detained last month after she posted a candid photo of herself posing in a G-string in front of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. Witnesses at the trial argued that the image was an insult to the church, government, and the public.
The young woman pleaded guilty and said she got carried away as a blogger. She stressed that she didn’t think the image would be offensive. Volkova was acquitted due to a lack of evidence that she had insulted religious feelings of believers.
Ruslan Bobiev and Asya Akimova

Last month, a Moscow court convicted a blogger and his girlfriend over a photo, where they mimicked oral sex standing in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The young woman was dressed in a police uniform.
The court sentenced them to 10 months in prison and fined Bobiev $71.
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