'F**k You, F**got': Wales Star Gareth Bale Abused by Real Madrid Fans Upon Return to Spain - Video

© Sputnik / Denis Tyrin / Go to the mediabankReal Madrid's player Gareth Bale, center, celebrates a goal (File)
Real Madrid's player Gareth Bale, center, celebrates a goal (File) - Sputnik International, 1920, 20.11.2021
The Welsh midfielder joined Los Blancos in 2013 as an up-and-coming football star. His first season at the Bernabeu was successful, but from then on his time with Real has had its ups and downs - a good season followed by a less successful one. This led to accusations from supporters, who have claimed Bale is not committed to the club.
Wales star Gareth Bale has been verbally abused by Real Madrid fans after the athlete returned to the club's training ground following 2022 World Cup qualifying matches. Footage posted online shows the team's supporters screaming "f**k you" and "f**got" as the athlete arrived at Valdebebas. At one point, one fan threw what Spanish outlets wrote was a pen at Bale's car.
Bale stopped his vehicle and glared at the fans before driving off.
WARNING: This video contains strong language.
It appears the said incident stems from accusations that have haunted the midfielder for the past three years. Some fans of Real Madrid deem Bale is not committed to the club and is more focused on the Welsh national football team. The accusations began in 2019 following a qualifying game for Euro 2020. After winning the game Bale held a Welsh flag featuring a cheeky statement: "Wales, Golf, Madrid. In that order".

Supporters of Los Blancos, one of Europe's most acclaimed football clubs, didn't appreciate the athlete's humour. It seems they wouldn't have paid attention to the remark, had it not been for Bale's inconsistent performance.
During his first season in Madrid in 2013 he scored 22 goals and helped the club to win the UEFA Champions League, but from then on his time with the club has had its ups and downs and his performance started to deteriorate due to numerous injuries - his calf, thigh, and groin.

This season he's only appeared in three games for Los Blancos, scoring one goal and missing other matches due to injury. However, this month he performed for the Welsh national team and helped it to qualify for a 2022 World Cup playoff spot. During a game against Belarus he sustained another injury, further angering Madrid fans.

The Spanish press too has not been kind to the midfielder, with outlets saying he should put the club ahead of his country. Bale has repeatedly stated that he is committed to Madrid and voiced frustration about the attitude of the club's supporters.

"I've had 80,000 people in a stadium whistle at me because I haven't played well. I've had it a few times! It's not nice and it doesn't do your confidence any good either. You would expect that if you're not having a good time on the pitch, your fans would get behind you and try to help you do better because it'll make them happy. But it seems that they do the opposite. They whistle [at] you, which consequentially makes you feel worse, you lose your confidence, you play worse and then that makes them even more upset", the athlete said.

Real Madrid's current manager Carlo Ancelotti seemingly backed the midfielder, saying although Bale is not in his best form "fans will not forget what he's done". "If he is right when he comes back from international duty and he deserves to play, he will play", Ancelotti said.
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