'The System is Broken', Says Pensions Expert as Canada Reopens Border for Illegal Crossers

© REUTERS / CHRISTINNE MUSCHIAn asylum seeker crosses the border from New York into Canada followed by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer at Roxham Road in Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada (File)
An asylum seeker crosses the border from New York into Canada followed by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer at Roxham Road in Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada (File) - Sputnik International, 1920, 26.11.2021
On Sunday Justin Trudeau’s government lifted the year-and-a half-long ban on “irregular border crossings” from the US, allowing hundreds of foreign refugee claimants to settle in Canada while their case is reviewed.
According to Canadian political commentator and the author of the bestselling book “Pension Ponzi” Bill Tufts, “irregular crossings” are just a part of a huge wave of immigration facilitated by the Liberal government.
Sputnik: During the last few days hundreds of people entered your country at Roxham Road, outside of the legal points of entry – something which was authorised by the Canadian government. What are the possible consequences of this decision?
Bill Tufts: It's just a continuation on the plan for a globalist leadership in migration, after the [UN] Migration Compact was launched a couple of years ago, which basically just said “Hey, there are no national citizens anymore, and everybody's a global citizen and eligible to travel wherever they want”. They're making some sort of a false narrative up that there are going to be huge upheavals from climate change. It's all just part of the crazy hysteria and madness of the globalist agenda that's happening currently. Trudeau, who in one of his first speeches spoke about Canada becoming a post-national estate, has a very aggressive agenda for immigration.
I think Canada is probably close to being one of the biggest immigration countries in the world now, on a per capita basis, based on the massive waves that we're starting to see in a wide variety of different categories and classifications and illegal immigrants who are coming across at Roxham Road are just one of those categories. There are some other really big ones, including temporary foreign workers - about 250,000 a year, just before the COVID situation there was 440,000 foreign students, and, of course, just the regular immigration numbers that they've ramped up to record levels of about 410,000 I think, it’s their current target.
Sputnik: The newcomers usually claim refugee status upon entering Canada. They are being housed for free in hotels and YMCA facilities, they receive financial support. Will any of the above put strain on Canada’s economy and social system?
Bill Tufts: There are some pretty huge numbers. Some analysts have indicated that a family of four would get about $50,000 a year. They get large supplements for rental accommodation. They get large subsidies for housing and food, in some instances free dental care, and, of course, access to our healthcare system, - all despite having never paid any taxes into that system. There are a few reasons for it. One of them is that the globalist operators in Canada love the cheap labour. The Liberals see it as a major vote-getting scheme for them. And in fact, I think we're maybe at a tipping point where the Liberals will be able to stay in power, however, feebly, just on the basis of the three huge immigrant centres in Canada, which one of our top political commentators, Diane Francis, called the “immigrant enclaves”. So that's part of the implications on it. Of course, Canada's only economic driver, housing, is hugely dependent upon those massive levels of immigration as well.
Sputnik: Canada has had its share of problems with COVID and in just a few days, on 30 November the government will make full vaccination a requirement for both cross-border and domestic trips. Many people who walk through Roxham Road don’t have IDs, let alone their medical papers. Early on in the pandemic, refugee shelters in Ontario were notorious for the spread of COVID. Are there still any health risks connected with the process of accepting these immigrants and letting them into Canadian cities?
Bill Tufts: Well, certainly there was an exemption for it before, early in the COVID crisis, and I would be surprised if they put much pressure on it. Maybe they'll put them up in a hotel for a couple of weeks until they get their vaccinations. There's so much craziness around the whole COVID situation. But why would Canada be funding to put them in a hotel and providing them with their vaccinations just to put them onto with no job prospects and having to pay social assistance for them?

None of it makes sense. I think it's broken. And, unfortunately, Canadians are unaware of just how broken in my opinion the system is.

And there's no response to these massive levels - tsunami levels - of immigration that are coming into the country, unlike what we were seeing over Europe recently - that situation in Poland, where you saw that a national emergency was called, the army was brought to the front lines of the immigration sites with over 5,000 immigrants.
But in Canada, there's going to be just 5,000 illegal immigrants coming into the country every month for the whole year. And just we're going to see huge, massive levels of immigration this year. And the globalists and Trudeau and the United Nations are really anxious to get those numbers moving up again.
Sputnik: There doesn’t seem to be any opposition to what is happening at the border – neither from politicians, nor from Canadian voters. The legal loophole in the US-Canada “Safe Third Country” agreement, which resulted in the influx of illegal crossers in the first place, and Trudeau’s tweet welcoming the refugees – all of that has happened, or has been around for many years. Why are there still no objections from the majority of Canadians?
Bill Tufts: It’s really gotten ramped up since Trudeau got in. There's some dialogue in the economic circles that Canada needs massive immigration in order to grow our economy and keep the housing, the economic impact of housing going and around 40% of our students at universities are all foreign students. They're paying upwards of $50,000 a year to be in universities. A lot of our economy is supported by what's happening with immigration - as Trudeau makes a concerted effort to shut down our traditional resource industries here in Canada. He's made it clear particularly after COP26 just a couple of weeks ago, that all of our resource industries are going to be under extreme pressure, political pressure by radical left groups to close down permanently with no consideration about what the long term economic costs of shutting down our major sources of wealth is going to be. It's just madness. It's crazy.
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