PETA Launches Fake Store Touting 'Human Leather Goods,' Slams Urban Outfitters

© REUTERS / Axel SchmidtДевушки протестуют против использования кожи в моде, Берлин
Девушки протестуют против использования кожи в моде, Берлин - Sputnik International, 1920, 30.11.2021
PETA’s new stunt is intended to persuade Urban Outfitters to “stop selling the skin anyone was born in,” as the animal rights organisation put it.
Animal rights NGO People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has taken aim at retailers dealing in leather clothing by setting up a website for a fake store advertising goods supposedly made of human skin.
According to a PETA press release, the “store” pretends to sell clothes, boots, and bags “made of the finest leather – that are actually made of human skin, with faces, teeth, and blood covering the items.
The move comes as part of the organisation’s bold marketing campaign aimed at multinational lifestyle retail corporation Urban Outfitters; PETA wants it to "realise that we’re all sentient beings with emotions, intelligence, and the desire to live" and to persuade it to "stop selling the skin anyone was born in."
The items listed on the "Urban Outraged" website are all named after individuals who were "killed" in order to produce said goods.
"While Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People (all owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc.) don’t actually kidnap, abuse, or kill humans or other animals for their products, they do sell skin and other animal-derived materials from farms and suppliers that exploit and kill animals," a statement on Urban Outraged webpage says.
The site also mentions that Urban Outfitters stores "already sell luxurious, animal-free textiles, so it should be easy for them to sell only those and remove all animal-derived products."
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