Videos: IDF Launches Multiple Retaliatory Strikes on Gaza After Two Rockets Land Near Tel Aviv

© Screenshot/Shebab AgencyScreenshot captures moment Israeli military jets fired multiple rockets on Hamas targets across the Gaza Strip after two munitions landed near Tel Aviv early Saturday, December 1, 2021.
Screenshot captures moment Israeli military jets fired multiple rockets on Hamas targets across the Gaza Strip after two munitions landed near Tel Aviv early Saturday, December 1, 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 01.01.2022
On Sunday, at approximately 12:10 a.m., local time, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) began airstrikes on targets in Gaza in retaliation over two rockets fired from Gaza early Saturday.
After the IDF confirmed the Sunday rocket launches amid the ongoing operation, a follow-up release by the Israeli military body detailed that its fighter jets had specifically targeted "rocket-making compounds."
"In addition, tanks attacked Hamas military positions on the Gaza Strip border. The scope of the targets and the type of targets were attacked in response to the rocket fire this morning, from the Gaza Strip to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, west of Gush Dan," reads a translation of the Hebrew statement.
"The terrorist organization Hamas is responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip and bears the consequences of terrorist acts from the Gaza Strip."
A few hours after the IDF's statement the agency published video footage that documented it's strikes.
Earlier reports indicated that an airstrike was conducted via a helicopter on Hamas' Qaddissiyah site, followed by three missiles strikes from an Israeli Air Force jet.
The Qaddissiyah site in southern Gaza is reportedly a rocket manufacturing facility for Al-Qassam.
At least ten missiles are said to have been launched toward Hamas targets by the IAF.
Following the strikes by the IAF in southern Gaza, reports emerged of strikes in northern Gaza at Hama's Fillistine Camp. Early reports suggested the strikes were from helicopters and tanks, and that the Israeli Navy was shelling parts of the Gaza shoreline.
It has been reported that Hamas launched a number of rockets in the north and toward the sea in response to Israeli actions. On the border, east of Khan Younis, Hamas reportedly launched machine gun fire on IAF jets and onto Israeli civilian communities.
Sources within the Israeli military earlier vowed retaliation over the firing of two rockets, reportedly by Hamas, that landed off the coast of Tel Aviv. Through unnamed sources, it was learned that Hamas would respond if Israel should launch another strike.
Egyptian mediators unsuccessfully attempted to sway Israel against launching retaliatory strikes.
The Al-Quds Brigades, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad military arm, had reportedly been evacuating military sites in anticipation of Sunday IDF strikes.
Earlier in the day, a flare, launched from an Israeli helicopter in the northern part of the Gaza strip, was mistaken for a strike. Those initial reports of a retaliatory strike by the IDF were retracted by local media.
Strikes at the Hamas' Qaddissiyah site have been confirmed by the IDF.
The ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel again escalated dramatically in May 2021, after Hamas fired long-range missiles towards Jerusalem in support of Palestinian protests following killings of Palestinians by Israeli troops. Of the estimated 3,750 missiles fired by Hamas, 90% were intercepted, according to Israel's Health Ministry and 12 people were killed from the missiles.
Tel Aviv responded to the reported attacks by launching an aerial offensive on the highly-populated region of Gaza. A strike toppled a highrise building and an estimated 230 Palestinians were killed according to the Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza. On May 20, 2021, the two sides announced a cease-fire.
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