'Millionaire' From Salt Lake City Busted by Cops for Allegedly Kidnapping, Assaulting Woman

CC BY 2.0 / Bill Oxford / Handcuffs
Handcuffs - Sputnik International, 1920, 03.01.2022
The suspect reportedly threatened the alleged victim at one point that the latter had “six months to love him or be killed”.
Ramone Marcio Martinez, a 39-year old self-proclaimed millionaire was arrested last Wednesday in Salt Lake City on suspicion of assaulting a woman multiple times while holding her in his house for several weeks, local NBC affiliate KSL-TV reports.
According to the media outlet, Martinez was detained by cops who arrived at his residence at Salt Lake City after the woman managed to contact her friend and ask for help.
"The victim had texted him begging for help and that she was scared for her life," a police booking affidavit reportedly stated.
A police officer also wrote in the affidavit that, when they arrived at the scene and Martinez opened the door for them, he "had his hand in his hoodie pocket”, and that the officer “could see the outline of a handgun which he was holding onto”. When the officer subsequently ordered Martinez to put his hands in the air, the latter complied.
The cops found the woman sporting "heavy bruising around both eyes", with her saying that "her ribs were hurting and that she had difficulty breathing."
"She stated that over a period of several weeks she was threatened to be killed and was assaulted," the affidavit said as quoted by the media outlet. "During this time she was unable to leave or go anywhere freely."
The woman also told the authorities that she was assaulted on multiple occasions during that time, and that she was choked by Martinez to the point of losing consciousness twice – once with him using his hands and the other time with him using his foot.
"At another point in time (he) grabbed the victim and held a knife to her throat. Again at another point in time, (Martinez) grabbed a knife and carved the number '6' into the victim's left hand stating that she had six months to love him or be killed. And lastly, at some point during the day, the victim stated (Martinez) grabbed a gun and pointed it at her head," the affidavit reportedly stated.
The cops also noted that Martinez has "many firearms and has access to a large amount of money to gain access to more firearms if he chooses", and that he "also threatened to go to Mexico and chop up the victim's brother".
They also pointed out that the suspect "also stated he is a millionaire, giving him access to flights and other means of travel which would enable him to flee".
Martinez was taken to the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of aggravated kidnapping, five counts of aggravated assault and assault, the media outlet states, noting that the cops requested to have him held there without bail until formal charges are filed.
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