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Protests in Kazakhstan
On 2 January, Kazakhstan was hit by protests in the wake of a spike in fuel prices. The riots turned violent on 4 January, leading to clashes between protesters and the police, looting, killings, and deepening insecurity. The president has declared a nationwide state of emergency.
Police officers are seen after a protest against LPG cost rise following the Kazakh authorities' decision to lift price caps on liquefied petroleum gas in Almaty, Kazakhstan - Sputnik International

Live Updates: CSTO Will Not Allow 'Colour Revolutions' in Region, Putin Warns

What started as peaceful protests against higher gas prices in Kazakhstan quickly escalated into violent riots and acts of terrorism last week. The government declared a state of emergency until 19 January, launching a counter-terrorism operation and requesting the Collective Security Treaty Organisation’s (CSTO) assistance guarding infrastructure.
The CSTO leaders will hold a video conference on Monday to discuss the current turmoil in Kazakhstan.
The summit, which was suggested by Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, will see the leaders of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan discussing ways to normalise the situation in Kazakhstan following a wave of violent riots. The member states do not plan to adopt any documents following the extraordinary session of the CSTO security council on Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Sputnik.
The situation in Almaty, Kazakhstan is stabilising, although a counter-terrorism operation continues in the city, according to Khabar 24, a local TV channel.
On Sunday, the operation entered a new stage in Almaty, with the Kazakh military being deployed at all 13 checkpoints to stop militants from fleeing the city after law enforcement had taken full control of all routes to and from Almaty.
Meanwhile, the peacekeeping contingent of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), which was deployed to several regions of Kazakhstan at the government's request, are guarding critical infrastructure in the country. The CSTO peacekeepers are expected to remain in the country until the situation stabilises.
Over 5,000 people have been detained throughout Kazakhstan in relation to the unrest, which saw mass looting, arson, the killing of law enforcement officers, and at least one confirmed beheading of a police officer. The preliminary damage amounts to over $200 million.
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18:39 GMT 10.01.2022
UN Monitors Reports of Nearly 8,000 Detentions in Kazakhstan's Protests
The United Nations closely monitors the reports about almost 8,000 people having been detained in Kazakhstan by police and urges that those arrested are treated with justice, United Nations spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said in a press briefing on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, Kazakhstan's Interior Ministry said 7,939 people were detained throughout the country since the mass protests erupted in the early days of 2022.

"We're obviously continuing to follow these developments. It is important that whether there or in any other place, people who are detained be afforded justice, international norms," Dujarric said.

Mass protests erupted in Kazakhstan last week over a twofold hike in fuel prices. In light of the violence that followed, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared a nationwide state of emergency, effective until January 19, and invited the Collective Security Treaty Organization peacekeeping forces to help bring the situation under control.

Almost 1,000 people were injured, the United Nations said. According to the country's Interior Ministry, 17 law enforcers were killed.

On Friday, the Kazakh president said that there were still militants who continued resistance and pledged to fight those who did not lay down their arms. At the same time, Tokayev said that the government had reached a compromise with peaceful protesters on urgent social and economic issues.
15:44 GMT 10.01.2022
Russian, Chinese Foreign Ministers Discuss Situation in Kazakhstan
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, discussed the situation in Kazakhstan during a phone conversation on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The ministers similarly assess the events in Kazakhstan, stressed their concern about the intervention of external forces, including the participation of foreign mercenaries in attacks on civilians and law enforcement officials, the seizure of state institutions and other objects," the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry mentioned that Wang positively assesses measures taken by the Collective Security Treaty Organization in response to Kazakhstan’s request for assistance.

"It was noted that the decisive actions of President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev were timely and proportionate amid the scale of the threat the republic faced," the ministry, adding that both ministers have expressed confidence that peace will return to Kazakhstan.
15:08 GMT 10.01.2022
Tokayev: Foreign Militants, Including From Afghanistan and Middle East, Took Parti n Aggression Against Kazakhstan
A view shows a burnt car following the protests triggered by fuel price increase outside the city administration headquarters in Almaty, Kazakhstan January 7, 2022. - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.01.2022
Protests in Kazakhstan
Foreign Militants From Afghanistan, Mideast Countries Took Part in Kazakhstan Riots, Tokayev Says
13:43 GMT 10.01.2022
Access to Internet Restricted Across Kazakhstan
Internet is inaccessible across the whole of Kazakhstan on Monday, including in its capital Nur-Sultan, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Access to the internet has been often restricted in the Central Asian country during mass protests that turned violent in early January.

Social media messaging applications have also been affected.

Protests erupted in Kazakhstan earlier in the month over a twofold hike in fuel prices. In light of the violence that followed, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared a nationwide state of emergency, effective until January 19, and invited the Collective Security Treaty Organization peacekeeping forces to help bring the situation under control.
13:05 GMT 10.01.2022
Kazakh President Says He Held ‘Productive’ Conversation With EU’s Charles Michel on Monday
Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said on Monday that he discussed the situation in Kazakhstan with European Council Charles Michel and informed him that security forces of his country never used force against peaceful protests.

"Productive conversation with @eucopresident Charles Michel today. Updated on situation in #Kazakhstan. We faced unprecedented act of aggression and assault on our statehood, and took urgent measures to restore constitutional order and rule of law. We never used and will not use armed force against peaceful protesters. All such allegations are false. #Kazakhstan will continue to strengthen partnership with EU," Tokayev tweeted.
12:27 GMT 10.01.2022
India is Closely Following Recent Developments in Kazakhstan, Foreign Ministry Says
“We express our deepest condolences to the families of innocent victims who have lost lives in the violence. As a close and friendly partner of Kazakhstan, we look forward to an early stabilisation of the situation," the Indian foreign ministry said on Monday. The ministry also advised Indians to follow guidelines issued by local authorities and remain in touch with the Indian Embassy.
12:27 GMT 10.01.2022
Kremlin Says Negative Impact of Social Media on Kazakh Unrest Must Be Addressed
The events in Kazakhstan have made it clear that social networks do both good and evil, and their negative impact must be stopped, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

"Obviously, social networks, apart from the good, also do evil. The aim is to take measures to stop this evil. This story is not new, it is old. It just found its obvious relevance once again in the course of recent events in Kazakhstan," Peskov told journalists answering a question about the role of the internet in the Kazakh unrest.

Asked if the Russian government plans to introduce any social media regulations given Kazakhstan's experience, Peskov replied "there is nothing like that right now."
11:48 GMT 10.01.2022
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Condemns Violence in Kazakhstan
The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry on Monday condemned the violence that has occurred in Kazakhstan and expressed condolences over the death of Kazakh nationals during recent riots.

"The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine is closely following the development of the situation in Kazakhstan. We condemn the violence that broke out in a number of Kazakh cities and led to numerous victims. We express our condolences in connection with the death of Kazakh citizens, with whom Ukrainians have long-term ties of friendship and mutual respect," the ministry said in a statement.
10:55 GMT 10.01.2022
Kremlin: Naming Forces Behind Unrest in Kazakhstan is Nur-Sultan's Business, Not Moscow's
10:55 GMT 10.01.2022
Peacekeepers' Permanent Deployment in Baikonur Not on Agenda - Kremlin
10:54 GMT 10.01.2022
Putin Was in Constant Contact With Tokayev During Tragic Events in Kazakhstan - Kremlin
10:54 GMT 10.01.2022
Kremlin Says Developments in Kazakhstan Were Unexpected for All CSTO Members
09:38 GMT 10.01.2022
Tokayev Explained With Evidence How Extremists Undermined Peaceful Protest, Russian Foreign Ministry Says
09:36 GMT 10.01.2022
Moscow: It's Strange to Hear From US It Does Not Understand What's Happening in Kazakhstan
It is strange to hear that the United States does not understand what is going on in Kazakhstan, Maria Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, said on Monday.

"Although, of course, it was strange to hear from … the US Secretary of State or a White House official that they do not understand what is happening in Kazakhstan and do not understand why Kazakhstan made such decisions. It's amazing, they usually always understand everything," Zakharova told Channel One Russia.

The spokeswoman mentioned that Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev explained how extremists undermined the peaceful protests with evidence during the Monday CSTO meeting and Washington can no longer "hide behind" their lack of understanding of the situation.
08:42 GMT 10.01.2022
Kyrgyzstan Hopes for Open and Fair Investigation Into Involvement of Foreigners in Kazakhstan Protests
Kyrgyzstan hopes that there will be an open and fair investigation into the involvement of foreigners, including Kyrgyz citizens, in protests in Kazakhstan, Prime Minister Akylbek Japarov said on Monday.

"Recently, the media and social networks have seen the spread of information regarding foreign citizens, including Kyrgyz citizens, about their involvement in pogroms and riots. let me express my request and hope that for each confirmed case there will be an open and fair investigation," Japarov said during an extraordinary session of the CSTO Collective Security Council.
08:29 GMT 10.01.2022
Daesh* is Strengthening Its Positions in Afghanistan, With Over 6,000 Terrorists Located Near CSTO Borders, Tajik President Warns
(Daesh, also known as ISIS/IS/Islamic State, is a terrorist organisation banned in Russia)
08:26 GMT 10.01.2022
Putin Calls to Develop Measures to Jointly Counter Terrorism Within CSTO Framework
08:25 GMT 10.01.2022
Tajik President: Terrorist Sleeper Cells Exist in Central Asia
08:20 GMT 10.01.2022
Putin: CSTO Will Not Let Anyone Destabilise Situation 'At Our Home', or Allow 'Colour Revolutions'
08:16 GMT 10.01.2022
Events in Kazakhstan Are Not First and Won't be Last Attempt to Meddle in Region From Abroad, Putin Says
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