Man Learns About Cockroach Living in His Head After Complaining of Water in Ear - Photo

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Cockroach - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.01.2022
The doctor who treated Zane Wedding said she had read articles about insects getting into humans' ears, but had never dealt with such a case in her career. Wedding admits he is still in disbelief about what happened to him.
A man from New Zealand went to a doctor seeking help for what he thought was water in the ear only to learn that a big cockroach has been living inside his head for several days free of charge (the nerve of these insects), local media has reported.

On 7 January, the Auckland resident went to a local swimming pool and dozed off on a couch upon returning home. He then woke up with a strange feeling as if something was squirming inside his ear, something Zane thought was water. The weird feeling was still there when he woke up the next morning, so Wedding decided to go to a doctor.
The specialist said he "couldn't see anything" and prescribed Zane antibiotics as well as told him to dry his ear with a hairdryer. The latter advice made things much worse – Wedding became deaf in one ear and couldn't sleep.

"I've been cooking [the cockroach with the hairdryer] since Saturday".

He then went on to see another doctor at an ear clinic. The specialist's "Oh my God" made Zane jump. Wedding says the doctor kept repeating those words, which led him to think that he had a tumour. The doctor's next remark was both relieving and horrifying – there was no tumor in Zane's ear, but there was a dead insect.
A few minutes later the specialist managed to pull half of the insect out and the other half was dislodged with the help of a suction machine. "I felt [my eardrum] pop as it came away", he said.

Wedding decided to give the insect to the doctor as a memento after she revealed she had never had such a case in her entire career. Speaking to local media, the man said he decided to come out with his story in order to encourage people to seek a second opinion.
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