Afghan Scholar Claims About 60% of Western Women Over 40 Marry Animals

© Photo : PixabayBride
Bride - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.01.2022
Such a statement was made by Islamic theologian and teacher at one of Afghanistan's universities Fazlul Hak Samadi in early January on the Afghan TV channel NoorTV.
The statement is being widely discussed on Twitter. One user pointed out in his post that Samadi is a representative of the Taliban*, though he is not directly related to it.

In response to the question about what rights Islam offers to women, Samadi said: "What rights do Western countries offer to our women? What rights are they proud of? Are they proud of same-sex marriages or marriages with HIV-positive persons? How many people contract HIV in Western countries per minute? What are they proud of? 60% of women over 40 in Western countries marry animals. It's astonishing. In the West, men treat women like objects. In Islam, women are treated as sisters and mothers. Society cannot flourish without women. And Islam gives them these rights. In the West, they want to destroy the rights of our women. Women's rights should not be confused with those of men".

It is noteworthy that in September 2021 another of Samadi’s statements went viral on social media. On the air of the television channel TOLOnews, he explained what the appearance of a Muslim woman should be like and that a woman should talk to strange men "in a low voice". Then Samadi was also regarded to be a representative of the Taliban.
Meanwhile, the Taliban later told Sputnik Afghanistan that Samadi is not their representative and "had expressed his personal opinion". Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi highlighted that the movement does not have a policy of banning cosmetics, bright clothes, and high-heeled shoes, which according to Samadi "can provoke men".
*The Taliban is an organisation sanctioned by the UN for terrorist activities.
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