With Care and Comfort: Japanese Netizens Praise 'Genius' Child Seat at Food Court

© Photo : @hadukichi816/twitterThis seat in the food court is a genius who thinks about it!
This seat in the food court is a genius who thinks about it! - Sputnik International, 1920, 29.01.2022
Another example of a brilliant idea for parents and their little children has been born in Japan.
A recent post on the Japanese segment of Twitter has become a hot topic, as both the author and other netizens alike were amazed by the chance to eat "face-to-face" with their babies at a food court inside a shopping mall.
Twitter user Hazuki snapped a photo of her one-year-old daughter at the Terrace Mall Matsudo in the Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo and shared about the exemplary service as her child was sitting on a high chair inside the table rather than outside it, facing her mother. The post immediately went viral, earning over 90,000 likes for an unusual design that helps customers feel more comfortable.
Because visitors to the mall can face the child close to them, it is easy to feed them, thereby preventing children from getting out of their chair and running around and disturbing other mall-goers.
In the comments section, parents praised "the sense of distance, functionality, the feeling of being unable to escape, everything is wonderful". Most of them hope other malls and public places will take up the idea and implement it in their designs.
This is not the first time Japanese netizens have admired a new idea in the country, as Japan is known for its customer-oriented services.
Recently, service area rest stops along one of the nation's highways caught people's attention as designers have created a special "Accessories Tray" there that prevents people's purses or phones from falling out of their hands or pockets while they're visiting the restroom.
Another fabulous example driven by the love and care of those who live in Japan can be seen at some Japanese train stations. Red and yellow markers seen on the sides of stairs are common at major railway hubs and, according to one Twitter user, this was done for an important reason.

"This landmark at a certain station. I really appreciate it. Since I have strabismus and astigmatism, the stairs look distorted even if there is a handrail. You can't always have someone by your side who can help you to use the stairs. And with just this mark you can walk patiently. Imagine how safe it would be to have such a thing all over Japan? I want everybody to know".

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