'It Appeared From Nowhere': Fireball Lighting Up UK Skies Wows Onlookers

© Photo : The UK Meteor NetworkAstronomers spot ‘spectacular’ meteor shooting across UK skies with green and blue trail
Astronomers spot ‘spectacular’ meteor shooting across UK skies with green and blue trail  - Sputnik International, 1920, 31.01.2022
The UK Meteor Network has confirmed reports about a meteor, posting pictures of the celestial body on its Twitter page.
A huge meteor has shot across UK skies stunning onlookers with its impressive green and blue trail.
More than 100 people reported sightings of the meteor on Saturday evening around 7 p.m. local time as the celestial body was tracked in the skies above England, Scotland, and North Wales.

UK media outlets cited one of the unnamed onlookers as saying that "it [the meteor] appeared from nowhere and travelled at speed, losing altitude as it passed".

Another onlooker reportedly said that they "saw this blue-tailed fireball on our way from Glasgow to Edinburgh this evening […] Looked like it was right in front of us! Spectacular!"

The event was also discussed on the Buckley Residents Facebook page, with one user writing that it was "awesome" to watch the flyover of what they described as a "massive" meteor.

The reports were confirmed by the UK Meteor Network, which posted pictures of the object on its Twitter account, describing the meteor as a "Sporadic type with an interesting orbit".
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