Indian Man Drives Burning Truck Away From Crowded Street in Viral Video

 - Sputnik International, 1920, 02.02.2022
With over 15,000 likes and over 110 comments on Instagram, the video of the incident has gone viral.
The death-defying heroism of a man who drove a burning truck carrying rice straw to safety in India's Kerala state was caught on camera and is is winning cheers and applause from netizens.
The incident took place on Sunday, when the truck caught fire after coming in contact with overhead electric wiring.
When the driver realised that the rice straw had caught fire, he immediately left the truck to save his life and stood watching helplessly as the fire spread, threatening to consume the vehicle.
However, an onlooker named Shaji Varghese swung into action to save the truck and got into the driving seat.
In a bid to prevent a possible explosion, he drove the burning truck from the busy street towards an empty lot nearby.
In the video, Varghese can be seen driving the truck in a zigzag manner, making the straw bundles fall out on the ground. With his bravery, he managed to avert a massive accident and prevent the vehicle from being consumed by the flames. He safely managed the situation until the firefighters arrived.
Impressed by his quick response and bravery, netizens have gone gaga, praising Varghese and flooding the comment section of the video.
One social media user wrote, "Some heroes don't wear capes. They drive lorries too."
Another commented, "Shaji Pappan is a real hero."
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