'Like Nothing Seen Before': New Satellite Image From Area 51 Reveals Mysterious Aircraft

© Courtesy of George ZeifmanZeifman's photo collection of the Nevada Test and Training Range also includes an image capturing the southern reaches of Area 51
Zeifman's photo collection of the Nevada Test and Training Range also includes an image capturing the southern reaches of Area 51 - Sputnik International, 1920, 03.02.2022
The United States Air Force (USAF) facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range, commonly known as Area 51, has an aura of mystery due to its reputation as a place used for conducting alien-related probes.
A mysterious aircraft was spotted parked on the northern apronat of Area 51, a clandestine US Air Force base, according to The Drive, which cited an "unprecedented" satellite image.
The said image, taken by Planet Labs, shows a delta-shaped tailless fighter-sized aircraft, described by the outlet as something that has never been seen before in the secretive area.
Additionally, Planet Labs spotted some kind of activity near the hangar where the aircraft is parked - also a rare event, since there has never been any action around this hangar, according to the outlet.
"The aircraft in question measures roughly 65 feet long and 50 feet wide — about the size of a Su-27 Flanker — and has wings that are reminiscent of Concorde, with its elegantly curved 'ogival' leading edge," the report's description of the plane reads.
Its purpose remains unknown, and the outlet was not able to identify the specific type of the plane parked at Area 51.
It was suggested that the mysterious plane might be a part of efforts to develop hyperspeed aircraft and missiles, but it is unclear whether the design of the aircraft in question would allow supersonic speed.
The clandestine Air Force base has a lot of classified aircraft research programmes, with the area surrounding it being closed off for both civil and military traffic. Area 51 is commonly associated with UFOs and aliens, with many fans of extraterrestrial visitation theories believing that the base is used to investigate alien vehicles or remains.
Given that those operating the base are no strangers to concealing things from the public, the report did not rule out the possibility of the aircraft displayed in Area 51 with an intention for it to be seen. On the other hand, The Drive noted, the plane could be one of the retired aircraft that are stored at Area 51 after their testing career wraps up.
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