Florida Man Finds Sniper Rifles in Local Canal With Grandson While Magnet Fishing

© Duane SmithFlorida man finds two sniper rifles
Florida man finds two sniper rifles - Sputnik International, 1920, 04.02.2022
Duane Smith and his 11-year-old grandson, Allen Cadwalader, discovered two sniper rifle receivers and bolt carrier groups while magnet fishing for the first time in Homestead, Florida. The haul has Miami-Dade police investigating whether the weapons were used in a crime.
Duane Smith and his grandson had been magnet fishing for all of five minutes when they reeled in the pair of high-powered sniper rifles.
Magnet fishing employs a powerful magnet connected to a rope to fish metallic objects out of bodies of water. Usually, small worthless pieces of metal are retrieved.
Smith told reporters: "With magnet fishing every time I cast out or every other time I'm coming up with something." He added, "There's a bottle cap or you know, $7,000 sniper rifle."
Smith and his grandson were trying out the new hobby because he thought it would be a fun activity for the pair to do outside. He thought magnet fishing would be more engaging than traditional fishing for his grandson, who has autism.
A retired infantry soldier, Smith instantly knew what they had found during the fishing expedition. The sniper rifles were encased in shrink wrap and appeared to have been outside for an extended period of time.
The grandfather-grandson duo’s first foray into magnet fishing landed the pair an incredible haul.
“It was beginners luck,” Smith told reporters.
It’s estimated the two sniper rifles are worth close to $20,000.
Local police became involved after the weapons had been cleaned. Following an hourlong scrub-down, it was revealed that the serial numbers had been filed off, a common practice in criminal behaviors that amounts to a third-degree felony in Florida.
Removing a serial number from a firearm makes the weapon almost untraceable. The combination of two expensive sniper rifles without serial numbers carefully wrapped up and thrown into a canal has Miami-Dade forensic technicians searching for answers.
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