Joe Rogan Apologises for Making Racial Slurs in Old Podcast Videos After Spotify Removes 70 Episodes

© Photo : Instagram screenshotJoe Rogan
Joe Rogan - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.02.2022
American podcaster Joe Rogan earlier faced flak amid accusations of spreading misinformation about COVID through his Spotify podcast. Now another row has erupted after a compilation of his old podcast videos showing him using "racist remarks" sparked an uproar on social media.
US podcaster Joe Rogan has apologised on social media for making racial slurs in old podcast videos, a compilation clip of which went viral on social media, drawing a lot of criticism.
On Friday, Spotify removed 70 of those episodes originally recorded between 2009 and 2018 — before the COVID pandemic.
Reacting to the controversy, Rogan posted a video on Instagram and agreed that he shouldn't have used such slurs, regardless of the context.

"I certainly wasn't trying to be racist and I certainly would never want to offend someone for entertainment with something as stupid as racism", Rogan said.

The incident erupted this week after Grammy-winning singer India Arie posted a compilation video clip on Instagram stories in which Rogan can be seen saying the "N-word" on his podcast.
Citing this as the reason and in protest of Rogan's remarks, Arie pulled her videos from Spotify.

"I find Joe Rogan problematic for reasons other than COVID interviews. For me, it's also his language around race", Arie posted on Instagram.

"He shouldn't even be uttering the word. Don't even say it, under any context. Don't say it. That's where I stand. I have always stood there", Arie said.
Rogan has also been accused of spreading misinformation regarding COVID-19 that led to a protest by several celebrities who slammed Rogan for continuing to host "The Joe Rogan Experience" on Spotify.
Legendary singer Neil Young wrote an open letter to Spotify and asked the music streamer to remove all of his music from the platform, citing Rogan's podcast spreading COVID misinformation.
Soon thereafter his bandmates Graham Nash and Nils Lofgren, singer Joni Mitchell, Ted Talks superstar Brené Brown, and several others also boycotted Spotify and removed their content from the streaming platform.
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