US Forensic Pathologist Calls Single Gunman Theory in JFK's Assassination 'Bullsh*t'

© Public DomainPresident Kennedy in Dallas, moments before the assassination.
President Kennedy in Dallas, moments before the assassination. - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.02.2022
The assassination of the 35th US president still raises questions, with significant a number of Americans questioning the official version that JFK was killed by disgruntled ex-soldier Lee Harvey Oswald.
A US forensic pathologist who took part in one of the original government probes into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Dr Cyril Wecht, has slammed the fact that the single gunman theory still remains the officially approved one as "bullsh*t".

"Young people are still being taught that the 35th president was murdered by a lone gunman, and that is simply bullsh*t", Wecht said as cited by the New York Post.

Wecht made his statement amid the release of his new book "The JFK Assassination Dissected", in which he goes over the six decades he spent trying to uncover all the secrets behind the president's murder. In the book, the forensic pathologist questions the official conclusion of the seven-man Warren Commission, which concluded that a former serviceman who had returned from a prolonged stay in the USSR, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone when he shot JFK twice as his motorcade drove through Dallas, Texas on 22 November 1963.
Back in 1978, when the House Select Committee on Assassinations was looking into the matter again, Wecht was the only pathologist to question the lone gunman theory. He explains in his book: the trajectories of the two bullets that had hit Kennedy suggest that the second gunner existed. He pointed out at the wound in Kennedy’s back that had upward trajectory – virtually impossible for a gunner shooting from above, Wecht insists.
"Under the single bullet theory, Oswald is the sole assassin, he’s firing from the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository building, so the bullet is moving from up, downward, right? So how the hell could it go upward?" Wecht said.
The pathologist also points at inconsistencies and oddities in the 35th president's autopsy. The local Dallas coroner was denied the opportunity to take a look at the wounds and JFK's body was flown to DC. Wecht said the autopsy was instead made by two physicians without forensic pathology certification and experience in dissecting a gunshot wound. In addition, when first reviewing the assassination materials stored in the National Archives in 1972, Wecht discovered that JFK's brain was missing despite being listed in the inventory.

CIA to Blame?

In his new book, the forensic pathologist alleges that the CIA had a role in JFK's assassination, and specifically its former Director Allen Dulles, who was sacked by Kennedy in 1961 and allegedly had both motive and an opportunity to carry out a hit.
"Kennedy had fired Allen Dulles because he was really pissed off about what the CIA was doing. Then who gets appointed to the Warren Commission? Dulles. It stinks to high heaven", Wecht said.
Wecht also reveals previously unpublished details about his meetings with Marina Oswald, the gunman's wife. She pointed out that her husband had met and befriended George de Mohrenschildt – a person allegedly linked to the CIA and its former Director Allen Dulles.
Despite the fact that official investigations into JFK's assassination were concluded decades ago, entire troves of materials related to them remain classified and inaccessible to the public, prompting the emergence of numerous conspiracy theories.
Congress passed the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act back in 1992 ordering the release of all related materials. However, the long-awaited publication of the probe materials never happened, with presidents delaying it under the pretext of national security concerns. The latest deadline instructs POTUS to release the documents in December 2022 (unless the old pretext gets used again to delay it).
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