Maggie Haberman’s New Book Has Trump ‘Terrified,’ Says Former Communications Chief

© REUTERS / SHANNON STAPLETONFormer U.S. President Donald Trump looks on during his first post-presidency campaign rally at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio, U.S., June 26, 2021.
Former U.S. President Donald Trump looks on during his first post-presidency campaign rally at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, Ohio, U.S., June 26, 2021. - Sputnik International, 1920, 12.02.2022
Trump’s former communications chief, Alyssa Farah, said Thursday that the former president is ‘terrified’ of what may surface from Maggie Haberman’s new book “Confidence Man.” Axios has already revealed an excerpt from the book which says Trump flushed files down his toilet, but according to Farah, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
Farah revealed that her former boss, US President Donald Trump, is ‘terrified’ of what Haberman’s new book will reveal. During an appearance on “The View,” she said she’s still connected to people who are close to the former president, and referenced the breaking story on Trump flushing files down his White House toilet.
“I still talk to some folks in Trumpworld- the ones who have not engaged in criminality- the former president is terrified of Maggie Haberman’s book. This is the first big anecdote, but there is quite a bit more to come,” she said.
While writing her book, Haberman discovered that White House staff under Trump’s presidency would “periodically find the toilet clogged- the engineer would have to come and fix it, and what the engineer would find would be wads of clumped up, wet, printed paper, such as notes that they believe he threw down the toilet,” said Haberman in an interview with CNN on Thursday.
“What it could be, could be anybody’s guess, it could be Post-its, it could be notes he wrote to himself, it could be other things, we don’t know. But it certainly does add another dimension to what we know about how he handled material in the White House,” Haberman said.
Haberman went on to explain that, while it wasn’t unusual for Trump to tear up documents and discard them, even though as president he was required by law to transfer all forms of work documents, letter, and emails to the National Archives, it was a first for her to actually hear about him flushing the documents down a toilet.
“We had known for several years since my colleague Annie Karni broke the story that Trump was ripping up pieces of paper and that his staff was having to tape it back together for archival purposes. This is how he has handled documents and pieces of paper all his life, in terms of ripping them up, but this was something different,” she added.
Former U.S. President Donald Trump holds a rally in Florence, Arizona, U.S., January 15, 2022. - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.02.2022
Trump Rips Into 'Fake News' Claiming He Flushed Documents Down White House Toilets
The book, which comes out in October, has also been reported to reveal other explosive revelations concerning the twice-impeached former US president. Reports say the book will discuss how Trump told people he is still in contact with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and that Trump took 15 boxes of important documents to his home in Florida, which he was supposed to hand over to government officials before leaving office.
Haberman, who hails from The New York Times, has become one of the most prominent reporters of the Trump presidency, and was the most-cited journalist during Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. She also won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for her coverage of the White House during Trump’s term. Known for getting her information straight from the horse’s mouth, it’s no wonder Trump may be “terrified” of what she is preparing to reveal.
Despite being such a well-decorated and heavily acknowledged journalist, Haberman now finds herself under fire by other members of the media who believe she hoarded the Trump allegations for her book.
“I have no problem with government officials, journalists, or anyone in the government, media, or any other agency choosing to do a book after their career. What I do have a problem with is people like Maggie Haberman, Jon Bolton, and others choosing profit over Democracy,” tweeted David Weissman, opinion writer for Occupy Democrats.
Haberman has been covering Trump for a decade, before he ran in the 2016 presidential election, before he became a contentious political figurehead, when he was simply recognized by most Americans as a reality television star.
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