Owner of 'World's Most Beautiful Twin Cats' Says Cannot Monetize Unexpected Fame Yet

© Photo : Instagram / @iriss_and_abyss_catIriss and Abyss
Iriss and Abyss - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.02.2022
ST. PETERSBURG (Sputnik) - Two twin cats living in Russia's St. Petersburg have been recognized by international media as the world's most beautiful feline, though the unexpected fame is yet to bring them sponsors, the owner, Pavel Diaghilev, told Sputnik.
Twin white cats Iriss and Abyss were born with a rare genetic condition called heterochromia that resulted in them having two different colored eyes. The siblings have their own Instagram account under the nickname @sis.twins verified by a blue tick with over 190,000 subscribers, mostly from the United States.
The account was first noticed by a large theme page that reposted one of the cats' images with a caption "the most beautiful twin cats in the world were found in St. Petersburg," the owner said. This post was further shared by the UK newspaper Metro, Daily News and other international outlets.
"In fact, they are not purebred, but you are unlikely to remain indifferent to their beauty because of their condition. These unique cats have one blue and one green eye. Six years ago, I stumbled upon an ad saying that their previous owners were ready to give away the kittens into good hands. After a while, I decided to create an Instagram account for them, and, once noticed by one niche page, Iriss and Abyss gained unprecedented popularity," Diaghilev said.
In 2021, the cats won a global beauty contest and appeared on the international Cats' calendar. However, according to the owner, he has not yet been able to monetize the sudden rise to stardom of his pets.
"We haven't been offered any major advertising campaigns yet, and the only trip to a TV studio turned out to be a complete fiasco, because my twins are not socialized or comfortable around humans. They refuse to cooperate and are under a lot of stress around strangers," he explained.
Diaghilev noted that he has been approached with multiple offers to buy the cats, but never considered selling them.
When asked about his attitude toward superstitions regarding odd-eyed animals, the loving owner said that though he had studied related myths, he was not superstitious and chose to believe that unique pets bring good luck to their owners.
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