Dangerous View: Cheetah Charges at Baby and Smashes Into Window in Safari Park

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African cheetah - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.02.2022
Cats, like many animals, consider people to be purveyors of food, and the bigger the animal, the likelier the human is to become the meal itself. Babies are at the double disadvantage of looking appetising to a wild beast and not being able to fight back. But occasionally fate intervenes.
A cheetah tried to pounce on a baby in Worcestershire, UK - but the reinforced glass between them managed to save the child. The incident occurred at the West Midlands Safari Park when a seven-month-old toddler named Otto and his parents were staying at Cheetah Lodge for the night.
In a video, taken by the baby's father, the child can be seen staring into the darkness just seconds before the big cat suddenly appears, slamming right into the floor-to-ceiling window. The baby, scared by the charge, starts crying, and the father rushes to the boy, ending the clip.

"Out in the black of night, my son seemed to sense something was there. Seconds passed by, then from the dark, a cheetah crashed into the window in front of him. Luckily the reinforced glass held," the father told the Daily Mail.

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