Do Early Birds Really Catch the Worm? Why Being a Night Owl May Not Be So Bad

Light among shadows - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.02.2022
Some people bemoan that becoming "an early bird" is a tough nut to crack for them because they are unable to make themselves go to bed before midnight.
Debates about the advantages of being an "early bird" or "a night owl" are nothing new, with each side putting forward their own arguments about when a person should go to bed and wake up.
As far as "night owls" are concerned, is it safe to assume that staying up late really makes sense?
Some studies have found that those who prefer not to sleep at night are more intelligent and creative and more likely to get high-paying jobs than "early birds".
A scientific study conducted by the University of Madrid revealed that "night owls" scored higher than "early birds" on so-called inductive reasoning tests, which measure how well a person can identify a pattern within a large amount of data.
On the other hand, the research found that "night owls" lag behind "early birds" in academic performance, also tending to have unhealthier eating habits, as well as higher rates of smoking.
Supporters of the theory of "night owls" being more intelligent than "early birds" point to nighttime snacks sometimes being accompanied by the use of energy drinks, which are high in caffeine and other psychoactive substances, something that might be one of the reasons behind their creative surge.
And now you may be surprised to learn that separate surveys showed that those who became used to staying awake at night feel a surge of energy by around four o'clock in the morning,
Experts believe that this burst of energy can be put down to our ancestors long ago being forced to scare away predators or defend themselves from aggressive "guests" from another tribe after dark.
By the way, some studies found people who are tired tend to behave unethically, something that should certainly serve as a warning to "night owls" who feel they are beaten and exhausted when they try to wake up in the morning.
As a result, a permanent feeling of fatigue makes some "night residents" of cities across the globe commit various crimes and petty offences, so don't be surprised when you see the walls of houses painted with obscenities, as well as broken street lamps and mailboxes in apartment buildings.
It remains to be seen that now that winter is retreating and daylight is becoming longer, if the number of those deciding to change their nighttime habits in favour of "early bird" hours will increase.
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