Man in India Escapes Death as Speeding Train Crushes His Motorbike - Video

© Photo : Rajendra B. Aklekar/twitterSmithereens 2022... bike and train
Smithereens 2022... bike and train - Sputnik International, 1920, 15.02.2022
With more than 443,000 views, the video of this incident has spread like a wildfire on Twitter.
A man in India's Maharashtra state narrowly escaped the jaws of death after his motorbike got crushed by a speeding train.
He was trying to cross a railway just when the incident occurred.
In the viral video captured on the CCTV, the motorcycle-rider can be seen hurrying to cross the railway.
WARNING! The video may be disturbing!
Despite being aware that the train is bearing down on the spot, he carries on regardless in his attempt to cross the track. But suddenly he realises he doesn't have enough time to make the crossing.
Just as he drops the motorbike to flee the tracks, the speeding train rams into the vehicle and smashes it into bits and pieces that can be seen flying in the air.
Although the biker escaped certain death in the nick of time, he appeared to have been injured by parts of his bike flying through the air.
The video has taken the internet by storm as several netizens criticised the man for his negligence and flouting railway crossing rules.
One social media user wrote: "Bikers are always in a hurry and no traffic rules apply to them. Jumping signals, riding in opposite directions, blocking traffic etc. Sometimes they are not lucky and pay the price with their life."
Another user blamed the railway management for not employing guards to prevent such activities and also allowing the train to run at such a high speed at the crossing.
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