Hopping Mad: Fugitive Kangaroo Haunts Danish Countryside

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Kangaroo - Sputnik International, 1920, 22.02.2022
A video of a kangaroo bouncing across a field in rural Denmark is not a sight you see every day, staggering motorists and policemen alike.
"Missing a kangaroo, anyone?", police in the Danish regions of South Zealand and Lolland-Falster have asked in a stunning Facebook post upon receiving a series of inquiries from flabbergasted motorists.
On Monday morning, a motorist stumbled upon a kangaroo hopping at full speed across a driveway on the island of Lolland.
According to eyewitnesses who have reported several sightings from across the area, the kangaroo has allegedly been at large for some time now.

"I think that maybe a month ago we also received inquiries about a loose kangaroo, so maybe it's the same one", Palle Hansen, communications officer in the South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police, told TV2.

One motorist even managed to record a small video of a bouncing kangaroo, which the police posted in the hope of finding the owner of the animal. The police also ventured that catching it won't be an easy task, given that it is "quick on its feet". Still, having the animal on the lam is a dismal prospect as well.
"When you think about what injury a mere hare can cause when hit by a car, I dare not think about what this can cause. It could be dangerous if hit by a car", Hansen mused.

On the surface, the Knuthenborg Safari Park seemed to be a logical culprit, but the zoo emphasised that the staff count their kangaroos every day and that none is missing.
For southern hemisphere natives, kangaroos and their cousins wallabies are surprisingly hardy in cold temperatures. They easily adapt if they can acclimatise over the course of the fall and grow a sturdy winter coat.
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