Orgies, Jingle Bells, Sex Dinosaur: Hundreds of New Yorkers Complain About Loud Sex, Media Says

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Let's be honest: it's nearly impossible to keep quiet during sex. Moreover, all this moaning is what makes it even more thrilling, but some individuals go to such extremes that you can barely tell whether your neighbours are having the best time of their lives or they are being tortured by a group of Satanists at 4 a.m. on Monday.
When talking about sex one is likely to describe it as incredible, beautiful, and mind-boggling. This may very be well true for those who are having it. But those who are on the other side of the wall are likely to describe it as "bothersome", "irritating", and "that is it, I'm going to pierce my ear drums".
Loud sex has become a problem for residents of New York City, who've lodged hundreds of complaints about their raunchy neighbours in the past year, the New York Post reported, citing records it obtained via the Freedom of Information Act, which requires the government and public bodies to disclose information upon request.
The issue has become so serious that it is ruining people's lives. One Brooklyn resident complained to 311, which provides access to non-emergency municipal services, that his neighbours' moans kept him up all night as a result of which he constantly overslept and lost his job.
Another Brooklynite said it was impossible to access their apartment because of orgies being held in the staircase.

A resident of Manhattan complained about his neighbours, who got carried away with the Christmas spirit – "some guy is singing jingle bells at the top of his voice while another person is screaming yes daddy come down my chimney".

Overall, the complaints viewed by the New York Post look as if they were taken from a script to some stupid comedy movie.

"I've slept through earthquakes and fires in my life but I couldn't sleep through this", one resident said.

"Orgy going on in the backyard, boobs and penis' being flashed on the street", a Queens resident told 311 last June.

"There is an obese gay man splashing his Latino lovers cheeks with his man syrup", a wordsmith from Brooklyn complained last August.

"Listen I am a christian woman, help this girl stop having loud sex before God does", one desperate Bronx woman told 311 in a 6 a.m. complaint this January.

If someone ever asks you how dinosaurs died, tell him or her that one still managed to survive and lives in Queens. In a complaint lodged to 311 last spring, a person said his neighbour was "shouting loudly that he is a sexual-tyrannosaurus".
In all, 270 complaints were filed between 19 February 2021 and 9 February 2022, the New York Post wrote.
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