Syria Accuses Israeli Air Force of ‘Coordinating’ With Daesh After Back-to-Back Attacks

© AP Photo / Dan BaliltyIsraeli F-16a warplanes take off at the Nevatim air force base (File)
Israeli F-16a warplanes take off at the Nevatim air force base (File) - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.03.2022
Two Syrian civilians were killed in a suspected Israeli attack outside Damascus in the early hours of Monday morning, with a military source telling local media that air defences were activated to intercept and down most of the incoming missiles before they landed. The Israeli military did not comment on the incident.
Syria’s Foreign Ministry has accused the Israeli Air Force of coordinating its attack outside Damascus Monday morning with the Daesh (ISIS)* terrorist group.
“It was not a coincidence that the Israeli enemy launched a new aggression on March 7, 2022 against residential areas in the Damascus countryside, hours after the terrorist organization Daesh committed a crime in which a number of brave Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed,” the ministry said in a statement.
Damascus suggested that this joint “Daesh-Israeli terrorist aggression” showed “the reality of clear and direct coordination between the two criminal parties.”
“The Syrian Arab Republic has warned of the repercussions of repeated and extensive Israeli attacks on Syria, and the heavy losses they cause to lives and infrastructure, in addition to terrorizing the civilian population, including women and children,” the ministry said.
Damascus called on the United Nations Security Council to address Israel’s “disregard for international law and the UN Charter,” and to avoid “double standards” in responding to such behaviour.
A Syrian Army source told the Syrian Arab News Agency Monday that Israeli jets attacked multiple targets outside Damascus at around 5 am local time, with the strikes said to have killed two civilians and incurred material damage.
The attack came less than 24 hours after Daesh terrorists opened fire on a bus carrying Syrian personnel in a desert area near Palmyra in the Homs countryside, killing at least 13 soldiers and injuring 18 others.
Palmyra recaptured by Syrian Arab Army backed by Russian Air Force - Sputnik International, 1920, 06.03.2022
Syrian Defense Ministry Says 13 Syrian Soldiers Dead, 18 Injured In Terrorist Attack Near Palmyra
Tel Aviv rarely comments on its military operations inside Syria, except to say that its air and missile strikes target suspected “Iranian” or “pro-Iranian” forces seeking to make use of Syrian territory to create a bridgehead for attacks inside Israel itself. Damascus has dismissed this logic, pointing to the role of Iranian military advisors and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group in fighting off a broad array of foreign-backed terrorist groups including Daesh and al-Qaeda* since 2012.
* A terrorist group outlawed in Russia and many other countries.
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