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LIVE UPDATES: Zelensky Signs Law on Forced Seizure of Russian Property in Ukraine

The United States has been focusing on potential ways its NATO allies could deliver combat jets to Ukraine while not escalating the conflict with Russia, as Moscow's special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine is underway.
Meanwhile, Russia has voiced concerns after a dozen US bio-laboratories in Ukraine that could be developing biological weapons have been discovered by the Russian military.
And Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelensky is ready for a diplomatic settlement of the conflict in Ukraine and direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, his office said.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba are scheduled to meet on the sidelines of the Diplomatic Forum in Turkey's Antalya on Thursday.
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15:39 GMT 10.03.2022
Biden Blames Putin's Actions for US Inflation Reaching New 40-Year High
14:49 GMT 10.03.2022
Russia to Repay Debts in Rubles; May Convert to Forex Once Reserves Unfrozen
Russia will repay external debts in rubles, and then it will be possible to convert them into foreign currency when Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves are unfrozen, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said.
"A special procedure has been established for servicing external debts, including state debts. We will repay our external obligations in rubles, and we will carry out the conversion by unfreezing gold and foreign exchange reserves," Siluanov said at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with members of the government.
At the end of the previous week, Putin signed a decree "On the temporary procedure for fulfilling obligations to certain foreign creditors," which allows the repayment of debts of Russia, its regions and municipalities, as well as residents of Russia, in rubles. The Bank of Russia then explained: debts to creditors from countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia should be paid in rubles to special bank accounts, to the rest — in rubles or, if there is a special permit, in the currency of the debt.
14:47 GMT 10.03.2022
Watchdog: Ukraine's Neutron Source Facility Switched to Non-Operating Mode
The Ukrainian State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate said on Thursday that the Neutron Source subcritical nuclear facility at the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology was not operating because it had been switched by experts to the so-called long-term shutdown mode.
"As of March 10, 2022, the situation at the nuclear subcritical facility Neutron Source Based on the Subcritical Assembly Driven by a Linear Electron Accelerator (Neutron Source) remains unchanged: the nuclear facility has been transferred to a deep subcritical state ('long shutdown' mode)," the inspectorate said.
The nuclear subcritical facility Neutron Source Based on the Subcritical Assembly Driven by a Linear Electron Accelerator was built to obtain neutrons and use them in fundamental and applied research, as well as to educate and train specialists for the nuclear energy industry of Ukraine.
The installation is a completely new type of safe nuclear installation, in which the intensity of the nuclear fission reaction of the uranium-235 isotope in the core is controlled by an electron accelerator. The main advantage of the facility is related to its safety – under normal operation conditions, it is always in the so-called subcritical mode, and in the event of an emergency, it is enough to stop feeding the electron beam to the target, and the neutron flux disappears almost instantly. It is impossible for a nuclear chain reaction to take place in this facility.
14:43 GMT 10.03.2022
President Putin Backs External Management of Assets Belonging to Foreign Firms That Leave Russian Market
14:36 GMT 10.03.2022
Western Union Financial Service Company Suspends Operations in Russia, Belarus
14:23 GMT 10.03.2022
Putin: US Trying to Deceive Its Population by Blaming Russia For Rising Energy Prices
The United States are making attempts to sign contracts on energy resources with Iran and Venezuela, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.
"They are already trying at all costs to reach an agreement with those countries against which they themselves introduced illegitimate restrictions in past. And they are ready to make peace with Iran, to immediately sign all the documents. And with Venezuela. They went to Venezuela to negotiate with them. But it was not necessary to introduce these illegitimate sanctions," Putin told a government meeting.
The Russian leader also said that the US is trying to deceive its own population by putting the blame for high prices on Russia.
"Supplies of Russian oil to the American market do not exceed 3%. This is a small amount. And their prices are growing. We have absolutely nothing to do with it. And even here the ban on the import of Russian oil has absolutely nothing to do with it. They just hide behind these decisions in order to deceive once again their own population," Putin added.
14:18 GMT 10.03.2022
UK to Ease Entry Visa Rules for Ukrainian Refugees
UK Home Secretary Priti Patel on Thursday announced that the government would simplify the visa process for Ukrainians fleeing the conflict in their country, amid growing pressure from opposition and Conservative lawmakers to speed up the scheme.
"From Tuesday, I can announce that Ukrainians with passports will no longer need to go to a visa application centre to give their biometrics before they come to the UK," Patel told Parliament.
According to Patel, all holders of a Ukrainian passports will be able to get permission to come to the UK fully online, to allow the visa processing centers across Europe to focus their efforts on helping those without the document.
The home secretary announced last week that Ukrainians would be allowed to join their relatives living in the United Kingdom as part of a new family visa scheme launched on the wake of Russia's ongoing military operation in Ukraine.
The system came under criticism earlier this week after it was revealed that only 50 out of the 13,500 Ukrainians who have reportedly asked to come to the United Kingdom had been granted visas.
14:10 GMT 10.03.2022
Polish President Calls for New Sanctions on Russia Amid Military Operation in Ukraine
"We need to impose new sanctions on Russia. Russia must answer for its actions," Polish President Andrzej Duda said at the press conference after a meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris.
14:09 GMT 10.03.2022
Zelensky's Economy Adviser Claims Assets Worth $100Bln Destroyed in Ukraine
Volodymyr Zelensky’s economy adviser, Oleksii Ustenko, said at an online meeting organized by Peterson Institute for International Economics that Ukraine lost assets worth $100 billion according to "very rought estimates."
13:08 GMT 10.03.2022
Russian MoD on US Biolabs: One Goal Was to Create Bioagents That Can Target Certain Ethnic Groups
BIOHAZARD - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.03.2022
Russian MoD on US Biolabs: One Goal Was to Create Bioagents That Can Target Certain Ethnic Groups
12:18 GMT 10.03.2022
US Has Delivered Patriot Missile Systems to Poland, VP Harris Says
The United States has delivered Patriot missile systems to Poland, Vice President Kamala Harris announced on Thursday.

"We have directed Patriot missile systems to Poland this week and today I can announce that we have delivered those Patriot systems to Poland, we do this as a reminder and demonstration of our commitment to Poland," she said during a visit to Warsaw.

12:14 GMT 10.03.2022
Zelensky Signs Law on Forced Seizure of Russian Property in Ukraine, Reports Say
Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a law on forced seizure of property that belonged to Russia or its residents in Ukraine, the Stana.ua news agency reported on Thursday.
Zelensky also said that he is ready to do everything to confiscate property of "Russian propagandists".
12:00 GMT 10.03.2022
Gas Prices in Berlin to Rise 26%, the Company Gasag Says
11:29 GMT 10.03.2022
Turkey Ready to Host Next Russia-Ukraine Meeting, Foreign Minister Cavusoglu Says
11:23 GMT 10.03.2022
Kremlin: Putin, Macron and Scholz Discuss Situation in Ukraine During Phone Talks
11:06 GMT 10.03.2022
UK Working on Providing Ukraine With Night Anti-Aircraft Weapons, Armed Forces Under-Secretary Says
The UK armed forces minister, James Heappey, on Thursday said that the United Kingdom was looking at "the practicality and the feasibility" of providing Ukraine with anti-aircraft weapons capable of shooting down Russian planes on night combat missions.

"The next step is to provide the Ukrainians with an anti-aircraft capability that works at night," Heappey told Sky News broadcaster.

10:29 GMT 10.03.2022
Russian FM Lavrov Holds Presser After Talks With Ukrainian Counterpart in Turkey
Russian FM Lavrov Holds Presser After Talks With Ukrainian Counterpart in Turkey - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.03.2022
Russian FM Lavrov Holds Presser After Talks With Ukrainian Counterpart in Turkey
09:58 GMT 10.03.2022
Ukrainian FM Kuleba Says Talks With Lavrov Were 'Difficult', No Agreement on Ceasefire Reached
09:56 GMT 10.03.2022
EU Has Reached Limit of Its Capabilities to Impose Financial Sanctions on Russia, Borrell Says
European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell and US State Secretary Antony Blinken (not pictured) speak to the media ahead of a meeting at the EU Council Building in Brussels, Belgium, March 4, 2022 - Sputnik International, 1920, 10.03.2022
EU Has Reached Limit of Its Capabilities to Impose Financial Sanctions on Russia, Borrell Says
08:43 GMT 10.03.2022
Lavrov's and Kuleba's Pressers to Be Held in Separate Rooms - Sputnik Correspondent
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