Man Who Exposed Hunter Biden Laptop Story Opens Up About Death Threats He Faced

© AP Photo / Nick WassThen Vice President Joe Biden, left, and his son Hunter Biden appear at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington on Jan. 30, 2010.
Then Vice President Joe Biden, left, and his son Hunter Biden appear at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington on Jan. 30, 2010. - Sputnik International, 1920, 13.03.2022
According to John Paul Mac, in 2019, the second son of Joe Biden came to his shop to repair his MacBook, but never returned to collect it. The computer tech purportedly discovered a trove of documents about Hunter's business deals overseas, which he deemed suspicious, and then alerted the FBI about them.
The man who was involved in the New York Post story about Hunter Biden reveals he has faced harassment from members of the public, US authorities, and Big Tech ever since he decided to expose details about the president's son.
John Paul Mac says his life has completely changed and he is nearly bankrupt. The 45-year-old says he started experiencing intimidation after he was mentioned in the article.

"I was getting a lot of death threats. I was having vegetables, eggs, dog s**t thrown at the shop every morning. There were multiple situations where people came in and you could tell they were not there to have a computer fixed. And if there were not other people in the shop, I don't know what would have happened", he told the outlet.

Things got so bad that he was forced to close his computer store in Delaware and move to Lakewood, Colorado, where he spent time training at a woodworking school. This is when he faced another challenge – he filed for unemployment, but didn't get any response from local authorities.

"I would open up a case, wouldn't hear anything, then open another case, then open another case, and then I was told to stop opening up cases. And they would keep closing these cases", Mac said.

He then sent a letter to Delaware Senator Chris Coons after which Paul claims he swiftly received unemployment benefits, although he maintains that he ended up getting short-changed by several thousand dollars.

"I would hate to think that I was singled out in a politically motivated attack. If a state agency was weaponised to punish a perceived political enemy, the country has a right to know", his letter read.

The 45-year-old declined to accuse the Biden family directly of being behind the "harassment" he faced, but said he believes that "government actions were retaliatory".

"I think it looks rather fishy. I have been punished for my actions on so many levels both to hurt me personally and to set an example for anyone else that might try to blow the wrong whistle I got an invoice on Sept 6. 2021 for a tax return in 2016. I took it to an accountant friend of mine who said they don't go back that far unless they're looking for something", Mac said, adding that he paid the $57.75 promptly.

His next "battle" was with Big Tech. After the New York Post's exposé on Hunter Biden came out, Facebook and Twitter limited the spread of the story on its platforms, preventing users from sharing it. The move was harshly criticised by former President Donald Trump and his allies as well as conservatives.

John Paul Mac sued Twitter in response to the company's actions. The lawsuit was dismissed by a Florida judge with prejudice, meaning Mac can't bring the case to court again. He was also ordered to pay Twitter's legal bills, which amounted to $175,000.
"Bankruptcy looks like my only option", he said, adding that he was forced to do odd jobs after losing his business. "A buddy of mine does estate clean outs, manual labour. I helped a neighbour redo their porch and I'm trying to do more with woodworking".

The 45-year-old claims Twitter continued "shadow-banning" his content or censoring it as was the case with Facebook. Does he ever feel regret about sharing the story with the outlet? Mac says despite all the hardships he has never had any regrets.

"If I had the choice to do it again, I would absolutely do it again. I was raised since 9/11 to believe if you see something you say something", he said.

The Hunter Biden Exposé

The New York Post published a story alleging that Joe Biden was engaged in his son's business dealings overseas during his tenure as US vice president. The newspaper cited information it obtained from a laptop purportedly belonging to Hunter Biden that he ostensibly took to an IT store in 2019 to get repaired, but never returned to collect.
In particular, the New York Post wrote that Hunter Biden had reportedly arranged a meeting between an adviser to the board of the Ukrainian gas firm Burisma, Vadym Pozharskyi, and his father. Another trove of emails published by the newspaper suggested that Hunter Biden had sought lucrative deals for himself and his family.
Joe Biden denied he or his son committed any wrongdoing, however, Hunter Biden recently said the laptop could have "absolutely" belonged to him, but said he never took it to an IT store and suggested the device was perhaps stolen or hacked by Russian intelligence.
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