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Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
On February 24, 2022 Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine, aiming to liberate the Donbass region where the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk had been living under regular attacks from Kiev's forces.
Ukrainian servicemen are seen in the north of the Kharkiv region, Ukraine March 3, 2022. - Sputnik International

LIVE UPDATES: Russia Expects Provocation With Use of Chemical Weapons in Ukraine - Envoy to UN

The Russian and Ukrainian delegations have held three rounds of peace talks so far, with Kiev saying that the representatives of the teams meet via videoconference every day.
The Russian special military operation in Ukraine has entered its 19th day, and the delegations of the two countries are expected to hold virtual talks on 14 March to sum up the preliminary results of the previously-held negotiations.
The parties have already held three rounds of peace negotiations, with Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Russian State Duma Committee on International Affairs, and a member of the Russian negotiating delegation, saying on 13 March that the two sides have made substantial progress compared to when the talks had just started.
Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky has indicated that one of his team's goals is to arrange a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. He added that talks with Russia are necessary and have already contributed to the creation of multiple humanitarian corridors in Ukraine.
Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine on 24 February after the Donbass republics appealed for help due to continued attacks by Kiev forces. Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that demilitarisation and "de-nazification" are among the key goals of the special operation. Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it has no plans to occupy Ukraine, insisting the armed forces only target the country's military infrastructure.
In response to Russia’s operation, the Western countries have rolled out a comprehensive sanctions campaign against Moscow, which includes airspace closures and restrictive measures targeting numerous Russian officials and entities, media, and financial institutions.
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02:36 GMT 15.03.2022
Kuleba: Agreed With Canadian Foreign Minister to Further Tighten Anti-Russia Sanctions
Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said he had a call with Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly and agreed to further tighten sanctions against Russia.

"Call with my Canadian counterpart @melaniejoly... We agreed that sanctions pressure on Russia will further increase. Canada supports Ukraine on all fronts," Kuleba wrote on Twitter.
01:05 GMT 15.03.2022
Japan Imposes Personal Sanctions Against 17 Russian Citizens - Foreign Ministry
In light of the events in Ukraine, Japan is imposing personal sanctions against another 17 Russian citizens, including Chairman of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party Gennady Zyuganov, State Duma lawmakers, businessman Viktor Vekselberg and relatives of entrepreneur Yury Kovalchuk, according to the country's Foreign Ministry.

In particular, the sanctions envisioning the freezing of assets in Japan in the event of detection, as well as a ban on money transfers to these persons, apply to Zyuganov, lawmaker Leonid Kalashnikov and others.

In addition, the list includes board chairman of the Renova group Viktor Vekselberg and relatives of entrepreneur Kovalchuk.
01:04 GMT 15.03.2022
Russian Servicemen Control Situation at Chernobyl, Zaporizhzhia NPPs - Foreign Ministry
Russian servicemen control the situation at the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plants (NPPs) together with Ukrainian guards and plant personnel, Alexey Polishchuk, director of the Russian Foreign Ministry's Second CIS Department, said in an interview with Sputnik.

"Currently, Russian servicemen, together with Ukrainian guards and plant personnel, control the situation at the Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plants. The plants are operating normally, the radiation background remains normal, which is confirmed by the IAEA," Polishchuk said.

"Now the main efforts are aimed at preventing provocations by the Ukrainian nationalist forces against these critical infrastructure facilities," he said.
23:57 GMT 14.03.2022
State Dept: US Adds 11 Members of Russia's Defense Enterprise to Anti-Moscow Sanctions List
The United States sanctioned Russian National Guard Director Viktor Zolotov, Military Technical Cooperation Director Dmitry Shugaev, and Rosoboronexport Director General Alexander Mikheev, along with eight deputy defense ministers, over the situation in Ukraine, the State Department said in a press release.

The Russian deputy defense ministers on the list include Aleksey Krivoruchko, Timur Ivanov, Yunus-bek Evkurov, Dmitry Bulgakov, Yuriy Sadovenko, Nikolay Pankov, Ruslan Tsalikov, and Gennady Zhidko.
23:55 GMT 14.03.2022
Russian Prime Minister Temporarily Bans Grain Exports to EAEU
Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a temporary ban on the export of grain to the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) until June 30, as well as white sugar and raw cane sugar to third countries until August 31, the government's press service said in a statement.

“Russia is introducing a temporary ban on the export of grain to the Eurasian Economic Union countries, as well as on the export of white sugar and raw cane sugar to third countries. The resolutions on this were signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Restrictions on grain will be in effect until June 30, on sugar - until August 31, 2022," it said.

According to the cabinet, the grain ban applies to wheat and meslin, rye, barley and corn.

"Supplies of these products outside of Russia will be possible, including for the provision of humanitarian assistance, as well as within the framework of international transit traffic," the government said.

This decision was made to protect the domestic food market in the face of external restrictions, the cabinet said.
21:28 GMT 14.03.2022
Zelensky Submitted to Rada Bill to Extend Martial Law in Ukraine for 30 Days - Reports
Volodymyr Zelensky has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill to extend martial law in Ukraine for another 30 days, Strana.ua reported, citing the document.

The martial law regime will be extended from March 26.

Zelensky said February 24 that martial law is introduced throughout the country.
21:22 GMT 14.03.2022
There Was No Conversation With Macron in Putin's Schedule for Monday - Kremlin Spokesman
Russian President Vladimir Putin's schedule for Monday did not include a conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Sputnik.

Earlier, Macron said he intends to talk with Putin in the coming hours.

"Today [Monday], no," Peskov said, when asked if there was a conversation with Macron in the Russian president's schedule.
20:59 GMT 14.03.2022
Pentagon Says Has No Evidence Russian Troops Deliberately Targeting Journalists in Ukraine
 An aerial view of the Pentagon building in Washington, June 15, 2005 - Sputnik International, 1920, 14.03.2022
Russia's Special Operation in Ukraine
Pentagon: Officials Have No Evidence Russian Troops Deliberately Targeting Journalists in Ukraine
20:07 GMT 14.03.2022
Lavrov, Cavusoglu Discuss Ukraine, Evacuation of Turkish Citizens - Moscow
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his Turkish counterpart, Mevlut Cavusoglu, discussed the situation in Ukraine and evacuation of Turkish citizens from there during a phone conversation on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry told reporters.

"The situation around Ukraine was considered, including in the context of the Russian military’s assistance of the safe return of [Turkish] citizens … to Turkey," the ministry said, adding that Ankara was advised to contact Kiev and urge them not to obstruct humanitarian corridors.
19:25 GMT 14.03.2022
ICJ to Deliver Order on Ukraine v. Russia Case on March 16
The International Court of Justice plans to deliver its order on the Ukraine vs Russia case related to Kiev’s request for the indication of provisional measures concerning allegations of genocide.

"On Wednesday 16 March 2022, the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, will deliver its Order on the Request for the indication of provisional measures submitted by Ukraine in the case concerning Allegations of Genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Ukraine v. Russian Federation)," the ICJ said in a statement.
19:20 GMT 14.03.2022
Fox News Says One of Its Journalists Injured in Ukraine
Fox News on Monday said one of the network's journalists has been injured while covering the conflict outside Kiev but no details are available yet about his condition.

"A Fox News journalist has been injured while news gathering outside of Kiev," network co-host John Roberts said. "Very few details but teams on the ground are working as hard as they can to try to gather more information."

The name of the injured journalist is Benjamin Hall and he has a wife and three young children, his colleague Fox News reporter Garrett Tenney said in a Twitter message.
18:58 GMT 14.03.2022
Sullivan Discusses Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Bilateral Issues With China's Top Diplomat
US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan raised a range of bilateral issues and the Russia-Ukraine crisis during talks with China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi on Monday, the White House said.

"National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met today with Chinese Communist Party Politburo Member and Director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission Yang Jiechi in Rome, Italy. Their meeting followed up on the November 15, 2022 virtual meeting between President Biden and President Xi," the statement said.

Sullivan raised "a range of issues in U.S.-China relations, with substantial discussion of Russia’s war against Ukraine. They also underscored the importance of maintaining open lines of communication between the United States and China," the statement concluded.
18:51 GMT 14.03.2022
World Bank Hopes to Finalize $3Bln Package for Ukraine in 6 to 8 Weeks
The World Bank hopes to finalize a $3 billion package to aid Ukraine in the next six to eight weeks, President David Malpass said on Monday.

"We have a concrete set of projects that add up to $3 billion, that would be possible over the next six to eight weeks," Malpass said.
18:47 GMT 14.03.2022
NASA: Nothing Has Changed in Terms of US-Russia ISS Cooperation, No Indication Russia Wants to Do Anything Different, Cooperation to Continue
18:25 GMT 14.03.2022
World Bank Making $923 Mln in Financing Available For Ukraine
The World Bank is making $923 million in financial aid available for Ukraine, World Bank President David Malpass said on Monday.

"We actually made disbursements last week of $325 million, and we have a press release going out today showing that we now have $923 million that's been made available over the last two weeks including including that first disbursement for Ukraine," Malpass said.

The government of Ukraine can use this cash to the most needed services, including pensions, he added.
18:13 GMT 14.03.2022
France Ready to Accept Up to 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees
France is preparing to take in up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and has already accepted around 13,500, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said.

"We can today accommodate up to 100,000 refugees in our national territory," he told reporters after a meeting of the interministerial crisis unit.

The UN refugee agency estimates that more than 2.8 million civilians have fled fighting in Ukraine since Russia has launched a special operation on 24 February. More than half of them crossed to Poland.
17:52 GMT 14.03.2022
Zelensky's Office: Some 150,000 People Have Evacuated Through Humanitarian Corridors Since Their Opening
17:46 GMT 14.03.2022
US Tells Allies China Signalled Willingness to Provide Military Aid to Russia, Report Says
The United States told its allies that China has indicted it is ready to provide military aid to Russia, the Financial Times reported.

The report said, citing officials familiar with US diplomatic cables regarding the exchange, noted that the cables did not mention whether China had already started providing assistance or plans to do it in the future.
17:15 GMT 14.03.2022
Nebenzia: Ukrainian Troops Control City of Irpin Where US Journalist Was Killed
Ukrainian forces control the city of Irpin where an American journalist was shot and killed at a checkpoint, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia said Monday.

"We regret all people who die in the conflict but I would like to make two clarifying points ," Nebenzia said. "Firstly, he is not a journalist, that was something that The New York Times itself stated … Secondly, Irpin is fully controlled by the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian units. Given what his colleague, who survived the incident, is saying, it was them who opened fire on their vehicle."

US journalist Brent Renaud, who died near the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, had been working on a video project for Time, the American magazine’s television and film production division said.

The New York Times said on Sunday that it was very saddened to learn about the death of US journalist Brent Renaud, 50, in Irpin, a suburb of Kiev, but added that he was not on any assignment for the newspaper there. US photographer Juan Arredondo was travelling with Renaud and was injured in the same attack near a Ukrainian security checkpoint. According to the newspaper, Renaud was wearing a journalist press badge, which had been issued to him by The New York Times "many years ago."

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Sunday that the US was going to work with the Ukrainians to investigate Renaud’s death "to determine how this happened and then to measure and execute appropriate consequences as a result of it."
17:14 GMT 14.03.2022
EU’s Committee Of Permanent Representatives Agrees on Fourth Package Of Anti-Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine
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