Watch: Indian Man's Stunt With 3 Cobras Goes Wrong

© Photo : Susanta Nanda IFS/ TwitterStunt With 3 Cobras Goes Wrong
Stunt With 3 Cobras Goes Wrong - Sputnik International, 1920, 17.03.2022
Cobras, the longest of all venomous snakes, are known to "stand up" if they feel threatened. One bite from them can cause cardiac arrest as their venom targets the nervous system.
An encounter with any wild animal can be dangerous but if it happens to be one of the most venomous reptiles on earth – the cobra – things can go south very quickly indeed. However, despite knowing the risks, some people choose to flirt with the scaly beasts.
In one recent incident, an Indian snake enthusiast had a tough time dealing with a cobra while performing a stunt.
In Karntaka, Maaz Sayed, 20, was filming a video of himself handling three cobras without using any safety gear; he can be seen in front of the cobras and pulling reptiles' tails.
WARNING! The following video may be offensive
In the clip, one of the three snakes launches its fangs into Sayed's knees. Ouch! The snake then refuses to let go.
After the incident, the young man was admitted to a local hospital where he reportedly received 46 vials of anti-venom.
Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda criticised the snake handler and shared the video.

He wrote: "This is just a horrific way of handling cobras...The snake considers the movements as threats and follows the movement. At times, the response can be a threat fatal."

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