US Woman Sues Delivery Service for Sending Chocolate Penis to Her Door - Report

CC0 / Pixabay / Chocolate candy
Chocolate candy - Sputnik International, 1920, 19.03.2022
Modern delivery services bring comfort to our lives and are capable of sending basically anything at any time to your doorstep. But sometimes that is also precisely the problem.
A California woman has sued the delivery company "Dick at Your Door" for an unwanted package with a life-size chocolate penis that emerged on her doorstep, according to Courthouse News.
Ventura County resident Linda Parks filed a lawsuit against the firm, citing the "fear, nervousness, anxiety, worry, and indignity” that she had to endure after receiving the phallic delivery.

“Defendants … despite their public disclosures of persons contracted for sending their sick ‘novelties’, failing and refusing to disclose the person responsible for the offensive and outrageous conduct alleged herein”, Parks' complaint reads, according to the report.

"Dick at Your Door", as one could imagine from the name, delivers prank genitalia-themed items made of chocolate. Aside from a range of penises of all colours, the shop offers "butt chocolate" and even chocolate turds, with captions like "eat my a**" or "eat sh**". The shop allows anonymous orders.
Parks, who, according to a report by Vice, happens to be local politician, did not order herself a provocative treat.
The incident reportedly took place in 2021. At the time, there was an effort to recall her as local supervisor, because she supported suing businesses that refused to comply with coronavirus restrictions. Notably, among the boxes that "Dick at Your Door" offers for packaging chocolate penises is a package designed like an at-home coronavirus vaccine kit.

“This is the level of gutter politics going on in this town”, Parks told Vice, revealing that the note attached to the surprise box read "Enjoy your early retirement... You deserve it".

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