Video of Armed Neo-Nazi Claiming to Have Fled Ukraine for Poland Makes Rounds Online

© YouTube//Artem BonovArtem Bonov
Artem Bonov - Sputnik International, 1920, 21.03.2022
Nationalists have become the core force behind many voluntary and official battalions of Kiev's armed forces. While many are currently fighting the Russian military carrying out a special military operation in Ukraine, others have fled the country (despite a ban on doing so for the male population), taking their hardware with them, apparently.
Polish netizens have found an unusual video showing one of the latest arrivals in their country – a half-naked man covered in Nazi swastika tattoos, brandishing a pistol, an AK-styled assault rifle, and an unloaded grenade launcher, and boasting how he allegedly managed to flee to Poland from Ukraine.
The local telegram channel, Ktos, which uploaded the video, had some questions for the Polish authorities: specifically, how this man was allowed to cross Poland's border, where did he get all those guns, and what does Polish the police plan to do with all that?
The striking character in the video is Ukrainian nationalist Artem Bonov – a member of the nationalist battalion Azov. Bonov has never made a secret of his views – often showing off his numerous tattoos of swastikas and imperial eagles of the Third Reich in YouTube videos.
Poland, where Bonov escaped to despite a ban by the Ukrainian authorities only allowing women and children to leave the country, has been one of the key hubs for Ukrainians fleeing the country. Despite Warsaw allowing Ukrainian refugees to enter in large numbers, long queues are still reported at the border between the nations.
Denazification is one of the main stated goals of the special military operation by Russian troops in Ukraine. The latter was ordered by President Vladimir Putin on 24 February in response to a request for assistance from the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR), which had been suffering from constant shelling by Ukrainian forces in the preceding weeks.
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